Where Was The Movie ‘The Burbs’ Filmed? Here’s What We Found Out!

Are you a fan of the classic movie ‘The Burbs’ and fascinated by its iconic setting? Have you ever wanted to visit the filming locations where it all took place? Well, if so, then I’m here to help!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most recognizable destinations from ‘The Burbs’. Together we’ll explore where most of the scenes were filmed in California and some other interesting behind-the-scenes facts about this beloved film. By the end of this article, you will have gained enough knowledge to decide if visiting these places is something worth doing for yourself or any diehard fans out there! So let’s dive in and find out exactly where ‘The Burbs’ was filmed!

So, where was the movie the burbs filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘The Burbs’ Filmed? Here’s What We Found Out!

The movie ‘The Burbs’ was filmed mainly in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California. Other scenes were shot at Universal Studios Hollywood and various locations around the city. The house used for exterior shots of Tom Hanks’ character’s home is located on a cul-de-sac street in Encino, California.

Unveiling the Main Shooting Location of ‘The Burbs’

The ‘Burbs’, a black comedy thriller film from the late 80s, fascinated viewers with its peculiar neighborhood setting and uncanny suburban ambiance. What many may not know is that this iconic backdrop was primarily shot in one of Hollywood’s most recognizable backlots, Universal Studios’ Colonial Street. Now known as ‘Wisteria Lane’, this location has been used in countless TV shows and movies since the 1940s, including the popular series ‘Desperate Housewives.’

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Colonial Street, or our beloved cul-de-sac from ‘The Burbs,’ is an intricate labyrinth of house facades carefully constructed to mimic an idyllic small-town community — but with a twist. The streets lined with picturesque houses add to a sense of normality while simultaneously feeding into an undercurrent of suspense throughout the movie. Some key features include:

  • The Peterson House: This traditional two-story home serves as residence for Tom Hanks’ character Ray Peterson.
  • The Klopek House: An eerie Gothic-style house that sets itself apart from its neighbors and fosters much speculation among local residents.

These structures contribute significantly towards creating a unique atmosphere in ‘The Burbs.’ Despite being mere set pieces, they are masterfully designed – each carrying its own story within walls that never truly exist.

Behind-the-Scenes Facts: Where Other Key Scenes From ‘The Burbs’ Were Filmed

If you’re a diehard fan of the cult classic film ‘The Burbs,’ you’ve likely spent countless hours watching and rewatching the movie, laughing at the quirky, relatable humor. But have you ever wondered where some of those memorable scenes were filmed? This is your exclusive peek behind-the-scenes where we’ll uncover where other key scenes from ‘The Burbs’ were filmed.

To start with, one might be surprised to find that many essential scenes weren’t shot on location but rather on studio sets. The astounding production designers conjured up an entire suburban neighborhood in Universal Studios Hollywood’s backlot for most part of it! Remember the Klopek’s sinister house? That was built right there as a set piece in California! In addition to that, shooting on set offered greater control over environmental factors such as lighting and weather conditions.

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Now when talking about off-set filming locations for ‘The Burbs’, certain other sites come into mind:

  • The scene featuring Art and Ray digging in Walter’s backyard was actually filmed at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge.
  • Meanwhile, Brother Theodore’s (Uncle Reuben) monologue shot during thunderstorm with dramatic lightning effects was captured near Santa Clarita Valley – known for its striking landscapes.

Whether it’s meticulously designed sets or picturesque outdoor locations, every frame in ‘The Burbs’ exudes authenticity because of these carefully chosen filming spots.

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A Closer Look at the Iconic House Used in ‘The Burbs’

If you’re a lover of classic films, the house from “The Burbs” undoubtedly holds a special place in your cinematic heart. Located in Universal Studios’ backlot, this iconic suburban dwelling played an integral role as it housed the mysterious Klopek family, setting off a whirlwind of comic and eerie instances that kept viewers on their toes. The house has been described as creepy yet inviting with its somewhat dilapidated façade – unkempt lawn, old wooden panels and shutters hanging askew. It’s what we’d imagine when thinking of that one oddball home in every neighborhood.

But there’s more to this movie mansion than meets the eye.

The interior scenes were shot within Hollywood sound stages but they replicated the ambiance perfectly – low-lit rooms filled with antiquated furnishings, dark corners hinting at hidden secrets and peculiar portraits adorning grimy walls. Interestingly enough:

  • The house isn’t exclusively associated with ‘The Burbs’. Over time it has also featured in other movies such as “Desperate Housewives“, “Leave it to Beaver“, and even Steven Spielberg’s “1985” epic adventure film—”Back to The Future“. This versatility truly speaks volumes about its timeless appeal.
  • In reality though, despite appearing ramshackle for dramatic effect in movies like ‘The Burbs’, these houses are well-maintained by dedicated studio teams who continuously work towards preserving their charm while adapting them according to script requirements.
  • The house stands today as a popular tourist attraction; fans frequently visit hoping to capture some memories associated with this unique piece of cinema history.
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It is fascinating how architecture can become so deeply entrenched into pop culture; indeed, an ordinary looking residence transformed into something extraordinary through celluloid magic!