Where Was The Movie Ted Filmed? A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Are you a fan of the movie Ted? Have you ever thought about visiting the locations that it was filmed at? I know I have! After watching this classic comedy countless times, I’d love to get an up-close look at some of the places where they shot. Now, thanks to my research and behind-the-scenes knowledge, you can join me on this journey!

In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane as we explore all the different filming locations for Ted. From Boston to sunny California, we’ll tour each spot while learning fun facts about production and how they brought the film together. So grab your popcorn and let’s go behind-the-scenes of one of America’s favorite comedies!

So, where was the movie ted filmed?

Where Was The Movie Ted Filmed? A Behind-The-Scenes Look

The movie Ted was filmed primarily in Boston, Massachusetts. Additional scenes were shot in Los Angeles and New York City. The production team used a variety of locations around the city to create the unique look for the film, including Fenway Park and Harvard Square. They also utilized local businesses such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Wahlburgers to add authenticity to their sets.

Filming Locations of Ted in Boston: A City Tour

Filming Locations of Ted in Boston: A City Tour

Boston, the cradle of American history and a city teeming with character, played a starring role in the comedy blockbuster movie “Ted”. While it may be best known for its rich history, famous sports teams or storied colleges, this time around we are taking you on a virtual tour unlike any other. We’ll uncover all the hidden gems that became backdrops to some unforgettable scenes from this irreverent hit film.

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Public Garden and Swan Boats
For fans of Ted, our tour begins at Boston’s iconic Public Garden – America’s first public botanical garden. The scenic park is prominently featured in several sequences throughout the movie. Who could forget when John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg) proposes to Lori Collins (Mila Kunis) amidst dappled sunlit paths lined by verdant foliage? Nearby swan boats bob gently on the water as they share their sweet moment.

  • Boston Common:
  • A stone’s throw away from Public Garden lies another important filming location – Boston Common. This oldest city park in America served as a venue for John and his thunder buddy’s hilarious high jinks.

Somerville Theatre
Located just outside central Boston, Somerville Theatre gets its fair share of screen time too! In one memorable scene, John and Ted sneak into an old-school Norah Jones concert here. Its nostalgic air adds an endearing touch to their amusing escapades.

Fun Facts and Insider Details about the Filming Process of Ted

Filming a movie that is as captivating and hilarious as Ted surely has its share of interesting stories. This quirky, romantic comedy about a man and his live teddy bear was not just created out of thin air – it took many long hours and intricate details to bring this fuzzy character to life! The film combines both live-action scenes with computer-generated images (or CGI), which makes for some fantastic tales from behind the scenes.

One fascinating detail about the filming process of Ted, is the use of motion capture technology. Seth MacFarlane, who voiced Ted, also acted out all the scenes wearing a motion-capture suit. Throughout production, he would be present on set in this unique attire, performing alongside co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis while cameras captured his movements.

  • Motion Capture: This cutting-edge tech translates every shrug and gesture from actor to animated character!

Incorporating CGI into live-action sequences requires seamless coordination between actors, animators and crew members alike. Did you know that during filming there wasn’t actually a physical teddy bear prop for Wahlberg to interact with? Instead,

  • Cue Stick:
  • A bright red cue stick with two white dots representing Ted’s eyes was used.

This unconventional method helped Mark visualize where Ted would be in each scene so he could react accordingly. It’s fascinating how these small touches can translate into such an incredible final product on screen!

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