Where Was The Movie ‘Taken’ Filmed? 6 Amazing Locations You Need To See!

Have you been wondering where the movie ‘Taken’ was filmed? I certainly have! The 2008 film starring Liam Neeson has some incredible cinematography that just takes your breath away. From Paris to California, this action thriller shows off a variety of stunning locations that are too beautiful to miss.

In this article, I’m going to take you through all of the amazing places featured in the movie ‘Taken’. You’ll learn about how each location plays an important role in the story, and get useful tips on how you can visit them for yourself if desired. We’ll discuss everything from shooting locations in France and Morocco, to tourist spots around California – so get ready for an exciting journey into discovering these 6 awesome sights from ‘Taken’!

So, where was the movie taken filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Taken’ Filmed? 6 Amazing Locations You Need To See!

The movie ‘Taken’ was filmed in several locations across Europe, including Paris and Amsterdam. In France, filming took place at the iconic Louvre Museum as well as various other landmarks in the city. The crew also shot scenes on location in Amsterdam, Netherlands and a few other cities around Europe such as Prague and Berlin. Additionally, some of the film’s action sequences were shot on sound stages located near Paris. All these stunning locations help to bring this thrilling story to life!

California Landscapes and Cityscapes Featured in ‘Taken’: From Studio Sets to Real-Life Attractions

The television series ‘Taken’ is known for its captivating plot lines and riveting action scenes. But one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the show’s beautiful settings, particularly those found in sunny California. From sprawling landscapes to bustling cityscapes, the Golden State provides a picturesque backdrop that enhances every frame of this thrilling series. The producers deftly blend studio sets with on-location shooting to transport viewers directly into the heart of the action.

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One episode might take you through a journey across sun-kissed beaches lined with towering palm trees whereas another catapults you into vibrant city streets teeming with life and energy. The cities featured aren’t just relegated to Los Angeles or Hollywood – smaller towns like Pasadena, Santa Monica and Long Beach also get their share of limelight.
Real-life attractions, such as Griffith Observatory, Rodeo Drive and Venice Beach Boardwalk add authenticity to the narrative.

  • The serene beauty of California’s wine country was expertly depicted using both set creation techniques as well as actual vineyards.
  • Fans can even recognize certain iconic LA landmarks like Union Station or The Getty Center woven subtly into various episodes.

These little details are what makes ‘Taken’ visually stunning apart from its engaging storyline.

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