Where Was The Movie Son In Law Filmed? A Look Behind The Scenes

Ever since its release in 1993, the movie Son In Law has become a classic slice of ’90s comedy. With Pauly Shore in the lead role, this film follows Crawl as he travels to spend his Thanksgiving with Rebecca’s family. If you have ever seen it and wondered “where was that filmed?” then you’re not alone!

In this article, I’m going to take you on a magical behind-the-scenes journey back to 1993 and uncover exactly where the movie Son In Law was filmed. Together we’ll explore things like filming locations, special sets built for the movie, interesting stories from cast members and more. As someone who loves digging into films like these, I’m excited to share all my findings with you so that you can see just how much work goes into creating something as iconic as Son In Law! So let’s take a look at how this classic film made it from script to screen!

So, where was the movie son in law filmed?

Where Was The Movie Son In Law Filmed? A Look Behind The Scenes

The movie Son in Law was filmed primarily on location in California. It was shot at various locations throughout the state, including Malibu and Ventura County. The crew also traveled to Arizona and Nevada for some of the scenes.

Discovering the Filming Locations of “Son In Law”

Delving into the Scenic Backdrops of “Son In Law”
“Son In Law,” a 90s hit movie, takes us on a memorable joyride through its captivating storyline and unforgettable characters. Yet what truly etches this film in our memory are the alluring filming locations it boasts – a potpourri of rural charm and bustling city life that form the canvas upon which this comedic drama unfolds.

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The quiet country life is brilliantly captured in South Dakota, where scenes depicting Rebecca’s family farm were shot. Here, expansive golden fields, quaint barnhouses, and an almost tangible sense of peace transport you to an idyllic rural setting. You can almost hear the rustling cornstalks swaying gently with the prairie winds.

The Urban Tale: Los Angeles
On contrast to serene South Dakota stands vibrant Los Angeles – portraying Crawl’s world as he embarks on his adventure. Shot across various locations in LA:

  • The iconic University Of California sets up as Crawl’s college.
  • Hollywood Boulevard paints a picture of urban buzz with its rushy sidewalks and flashy billboards.
  • Pasadena plays home to some essential scenes – exhibiting splendid architecture along leafy lanes.

The stark disparity between these diverse locales adds color to “Son In Law”, fashioning quintessential backgrounds for each character’s journey while amplifying their personal transformations when they swap terrains.

Behind-The-Scenes: The Making Of Iconic Sets in “Son In Law”

Behind the scenes of any film lies a world integral to its magic – the setting. In “Son in Law”, those iconic sets were brimming with realism and charm that added depth to the story, beautifully transporting viewers into a different world. The process was meticulously undertaken, from sketching original designs to constructing detailed models before they came alive on screen.

In particular, two sets stand out: the farm and college dormitory. They perfectly captured contrasting atmospheres of rural simplicity versus urban complexity. For instance, you feel as if you could almost smell fresh hay bales when looking at the carefully constructed barn set.
It drew on traditional elements – think classic red paint job accompanied by rustic wooden fences – but also included finer details like weathered tools and animal props for authenticity.

  • The modest farmhouse kitchen with vintage appliances added warmth.
  • A cluttered garage complete with worn-out machinery gave it an element of realism.
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On the other hand, the college dorm room screamed ’90s coolness; posters adorned walls while textbooks lay scattered around – successfully giving off student vibes.

  • Sporty decorations reflected preppy characters’ personalities
  • Messy desks full of papers portrayed academic life’s chaos beautifully.

This behind-the-scenes look shows how much effort goes into creating visually arresting environments that help tell a movie’s story more effectively.

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