Where Was The Movie ‘Rooster Cogburn’ Filmed? Uncovering The Locations

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Rooster Cogburn’ and found yourself wondering where it was filmed? As a fan of classic westerns, I have always been fascinated by how movies are able to transport us to other times and places. That’s why I decided to research exactly where this iconic movie was actually shot.

In this article, we’ll explore all the gorgeous locations that make up ‘Rooster Cogburn’. We’ll uncover not only the states and cities where they filmed but also some of the exact landmarks used in the movie. You will learn more about what each location looks like today as well as how it has changed since then. So if you want to learn all there is to know about John Wayne’s last on-screen performance, stick around! Let’s get started with our tour of Rooster Cogburn!

So, where was the movie rooster cogburn filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Rooster Cogburn’ Filmed? Uncovering The Locations

The 1975 western movie, Rooster Cogburn, starring John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn was filmed in Durango and Mexico City. The majority of the filming took place in Durango, Mexico where most of the outdoor scenes were shot. In addition to these locations, some scenes were also filmed in Mexico City at Estudios Churubusco Azteca Studios.

Behind the Scenes: Filming Locations for ‘Rooster Cogburn’

Delving into the captivating world of cinema, let’s take a jump back in time to the filming locations for the cult classic movie ‘Rooster Cogburn’. This film, released in 1975, was shot primarily across Oregon and California. The vast landscapes worked as an alluring canvas portraying pure Western beauty with their rugged terrains and azure skies. Let me walk you through some of these mesmerizing spots that played essential roles behind the scenes.

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Deschutes National Forest, located in central Oregon, served as one of the prime shooting locations for ‘Rooster Cogburn’. With its scenic vistas, verdant vegetation and sparkling water bodies; this place truly brought life to many pivotal scenes from the movie. A particularly memorable sequence from Rooster Cogburn began on a footbridge over The Big Eddy Rapids, which are also nestled within this forest.

  1. Klamath River
  2. Rogue River Valley
  3. Smith Rock State Park

These were some other key outdoor venues used widely throughout production – adding authenticity to Rooster’s wild adventures. Certainly they seemed perfect settings for John Wayne’s reprised role as Marshal Reuben J ‘Rooster’ Cogburn! From intense shootouts to serene moments reflecting upon his past – each scene amplified by these exotic locales was crafted beautifully within “Rooster Cogburn”.

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