Where Was The Movie ‘Ridiculous 6’ Filmed? Uncovering The Wild West Locations

Do you love watching movies set in the Wild West? Have you ever wondered where exactly some of them were filmed? If so, I completely understand – I often find myself looking up behind-the-scenes trivia for my favorite films. So when the movie ‘Ridiculous 6’ came out, I just had to know more about it’s stunning backdrop!

In this article, we’ll be uncovering the beautiful filming locations used to bring ‘Ridiculous 6’ to life. Together we’ll explore both real and recreated western towns, epic prairies and historic landmarks. By the end of this article you won’t only have a better understanding of what went into making this iconic movie but also get great travel ideas for your next adventure! So let’s dig in and take a closer look at these amazing Western locations!

So, where was the movie ridiculous 6 filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Ridiculous 6’ Filmed? Uncovering The Wild West Locations

The movie ‘Ridiculous 6’ was filmed in several locations throughout the American Southwest. The majority of filming took place in New Mexico, where scenes were shot at the White Sands National Monument and Santa Fe’s historic Plaza area. Other locations used for filming included parts of California, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of ‘Ridiculous 6’

The making of the comedy film, ‘Ridiculous 6’, was a unique experience. The movie is a satirical take on western films and it’s named as such because it follows six main characters who are half-brothers. As they embark on their madcap adventure through the Old West, viewers get to enjoy slapstick humor and offbeat comedy. Taking this creative story from script to screen wasn’t an easy task though. Some serious effort went into creating just the right mix of ridiculousness.

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The Production

Many elements came together perfectly during production to create this zany masterpiece that would have audiences clutching their stomachs in laughter. For starters, getting all six lead actors – Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider and Luke Wilson – into one place at one time must have been quite challenging! Yet each actor brought his own unique style to the table which made for some hilarious improvisations.

  • Adam Sandler: His knack for absurd humor set the tone.
  • Terry Crews: Always energetic and larger-than-life presence.
  • Jorge Garcia: Best known from ‘Lost’, added a charming quirkiness.
  • Taylor Lautner: Showed off his comedic chops with physical comedy stints.
  • Rob Schneider & Luke Wilson: Known for their funny personalities created memorable moments too!

Not only does every element in ‘Ridiculous 6’ seem exaggerated but also every scene appears meticulously planned creating perfect comedic timing that leaves you laughing out loud!

Santa Fe, New Mexico: A Key Filming Location for ‘Ridiculous 6’

Santa Fe, New Mexico served as a critical backdrop for the film ‘Ridiculous 6’. With its unique blend of historical charm and natural beauty, it is no wonder why directors chose this stunning place to tell their story. The city’s array of architectural styles – from Pueblo Revival to Territorial – provided an authentic setting that played a significant role in shaping the film’s visual narrative.

Additionally, Santa Fe’s breathtaking landscapes were instrumental in capturing the movie’s Western vibe on camera. Its scenic views include:

  • The majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains,
  • Gorgeous sunset-lit deserts,
  • And lush forests with towering ponderosa pines.
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These elements combined perfectly to create a compelling and realistic portrayal of life in the Old West. So much so that spectators could almost feel the warm desert wind on their faces or smell pine needles underfoot while watching ‘Ridiculous 6’. With such picturesque surroundings playing out on screen, Santa Fe not only hosted but indeed became one of the stars alongside its human counterparts.

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