Where Was The Movie Pretty In Pink Filmed? A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Have you ever watched the iconic 80’s movie, Pretty in Pink and wished you could visit the places where your favorite scenes were filmed? I know I have! It’s easy to get lost in this timeless classic that follows Andie’s journey from outcast to prom queen. As an 80s movie enthusiast myself with a passion for exploring film locations, who better than me to take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the most recognizable spots from Pretty In Pink!

In this article, I’m going to give an inside look at exactly where this cult classic was filmed thirty-five years ago. We’ll explore some fun facts about the locations and how they’ve changed over time. By the end of this article, you should be able to virtually step back into 1986 as if it were yesterday! So let’s grab our pink dress attires and hop into my DeLorean – we’re off on an adventure through time and space in search for all things pretty in pink!

So, where was the movie pretty in pink filmed?

Where Was The Movie Pretty In Pink Filmed? A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Pretty in Pink was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California. The iconic prom scene was shot at the Ambassador Hotel (now demolished) and some of the high school scenes were shot at Fairfax High School. Other locations included downtown L.A., West Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, and Griffith Park Observatory.

South Pasadena and its Significance in filming the movie Pretty In Pink

South Pasadena, a charming city filled with character and rich history, played an iconic role in the creation of the 80s cult classic Pretty In Pink. Nestled away in Southern California, this idyllic setting provided an authentic backdrop for high school romance and teenage rebellion. Infused with scenic beauty all around, South Pasadena’s quaint neighborhoods, picturesque streets, and heritage structures effortlessly transported viewers into the world of Andie Walsh – our vivacious protagonist.

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In Pretty In Pink, elements of South Pasadena were beautifully intertwined to create poignant cinematic scenes that are cherished even today. For instance:

  • The Rialto Theatre: This vintage movie palace was transformed into a romantic rendezvous spot where characters shared their dreams over popcorn.
  • The Colonial Drug Store: A local favorite served as TRAX Records store where Andie worked part-time while juggling her studies.
  • South Pasadena High School: With its impressive architecture and sprawling campus – made it the perfect place to depict high school drama.

Such subtle insertions have not only contributed significantly to making Pretty In Pink visually appealing but also helped South Pasadena cement its status as an influential player in Hollywood storytelling.

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