Where Was The Movie ‘Patton’ Filmed? All Of The Locations Revealed

Are you a big fan of the classic World War II movie ‘Patton’? Have you ever wondered where they actually filmed it? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article I will take you around the world and show you all the amazing places that served as filming locations for this iconic film.

I’m an experienced traveler and a huge lover of old movies so combining my two passions was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. After months spent researching, watching interviews with directors and cast members, and scouring every corner of the internet for clues- I’ve uncovered some fascinating facts about where ‘Patton’ was filmed. Join me on this journey and together we’ll explore various historic sites located in Spain, Hungary, Germany and England that were used to make this movie truly come alive!

So, where was the movie patton filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Patton’ Filmed? All Of The Locations Revealed

The majority of the movie “Patton” was filmed in Spain. Locations included Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and El Escorial. Other locations include Morocco, England and California for some of the battle scenes such as The Battle of El Guettar that took place in Tunisia.

Key Filming Locations in Spain for ‘Patton’

The 1970’s award-winning movie, ‘Patton’, stands as a classic in the world of cinema. Known for its gripping storyline and unforgettable performances, it is also revered for the dramatic filming locations used. The beautiful landscapes of Spain served as major locales for this film.

Spain’s picturesque terrain offered spots that perfectly replicated the North African campaign sites depicted in ‘Patton’.

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One key location was Almeria. With its semi-arid climate and unique landscapes, Almería provided an ideal setting to mimic Morocco’s rugged beauty.

  • The Tabernas Desert – This spot doubled up as war-ravaged Tunisia during General Patton’s iconic tank battle sequences.
  • Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park – This coastal region with cliffs diving into turquoise waters stood in for Lieutenant Colonel Bill Darby’s landing near Algiers.

Next, we travel north to Segovia, known for its awe-inspiring aqueducts and fairytale-like castles.

Filming here focused on two notable places:

  • The Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso – Its baroque-style interior mirrored the opulence of Allied headquarters in Gibraltar.
  • The famous Roman Aqueduct – Showcased during Patton’s tour after capturing Palermo from Axis forces.

Each scene captured in these Spanish wonders added depth to the story while letting viewers savor pieces of Spain’s natural grandeur.

Patton’ Filming Sites in England: History and Cinema Collide

Patton, a cinematic masterpiece released in 1970, is renowned for its authentic depiction of World War II. The film features an array of iconic locations across England which served as the backdrop for this historical saga, creating an aesthetic blend of history and cinema. From the grandeur of Knole House in Kent to the rustic charm of Chilham village, each filming location has a unique tale etched into its foundations.

The Knole House, flaunting seven courtyards and 365 rooms – one for each day of the year -, whispers tales from Tudor times in every corner. It set a fitting stage as General Patton’s headquarters in Paris during WWII. Meanwhile, Chilham Village‘s quaint cobbled streets and picturesque thatched cottages transported audiences back to simpler times despite the war narrative’s intricacies.

  • The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: This prestigious academy doubled as London interiors for key scenes.
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea: Its beautiful grounds created stunning exterior shots throughout ‘Patton’.
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These filming sites not only contributed greatly to ‘Patton’s realistic portrayal but also opened up these historic English locales to global recognition – where history echoed amidst cinema’s magic!

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