Where Was ‘On Golden Pond’ Filmed? A Look At The Iconic Locations

Have you ever watched the classic movie ‘On Golden Pond’ and wondered to yourself where it was filmed? I know I have! From the beautiful landscapes, cozy cabins, and crystal-clear lakes, this film captures a glimpse of New England that anyone can appreciate.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at all of the iconic filming locations for On Golden Pond. We’ll explore their history, how they were involved with production for the movie, and even take a peek at what each location looks like today. Whether you’re just curious about this classic flick or are planning on visiting some of these sites yourself, by the end of this article you will have gained enough knowledge to answer where was ‘On Golden Pond’ filmed?

So, where was the movie on golden pond filmed?

Where Was ‘On Golden Pond’ Filmed? A Look At The Iconic Locations

The 1981 movie On Golden Pond was filmed on location in Squam Lake, New Hampshire. The lake itself and the surrounding area provide a beautiful backdrop to the story of Norman and Ethel Thayer, an elderly couple who spend their summers at their cabin on Golden Pond. Other iconic locations from the film include Main Street in Holderness, NH; the town of Meredith, NH; and various other sites around Squam Lake.

The Filming Locations of ‘On Golden Pond’: A Comprehensive Guide

‘On Golden Pond,’ a timeless classic film, transports its audience to an idyllic world where the beauty of nature unfurls in every frame. This enchanting movie was filmed at true-to-life locations that enhance its charm tenfold. The primary filming location was none other than Squam Lake, New Hampshire – a serene and picturesque locale nestled amidst lush greenery. The crystal clear waters and tranquil environment unraveled the perfect backdrop for this heartfelt tale.

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The Thayer’s summer cabin, fondly known as ‘Golden Pond,’ is located on the shores of this beautiful lake.
In fact, some iconic scenes from the movie were shot inside this quaint cottage which still stands today! Other scenic spots include Purgatory Cove, celebrated for its unique wildlife and breathtaking views – it’s here where Norman (Henry Fonda) has his heart attack while picking strawberries.

  • The charming town of Holderness,
  • Sandwich Fairgrounds’ rustic appeal,
  • And Central Harbor’s busy streets.

All these places seamlessly blended into the narrative making them unforgettable parts of ‘On Golden Pond.’ So next time you watch this cinematic masterpiece, do remember to appreciate not just compelling performances but also these captivating real-world locales that lend authenticity to every scene.

Behind the Scenes: How New England’s Scenic Beauty was Captured in the movie ‘On Golden Pond’

‘On Golden Pond’ was a cinematic masterpiece that brought the breathtaking beauty of New England to silver screens worldwide. Filmmakers painstakingly captured the region’s unique charm in ways that only they could, turning everyday landscapes into awe-inspiring backdrops for this beloved movie. The process began with location scouting, where the team scoured picturesque areas like Squam Lake in New Hampshire looking for perfect spots dripping with rustic appeal and natural splendor.

The actual filming was no less intricate. Here is where filmmakers’ ingenuity shone through:

  • Dawn scenes: Crew members would set up equipment before sunrise, waiting patiently as hues of pink and orange painted the sky.
  • Lake shots: Cameras were strategically positioned on boats to capture reflecting sunsets off shimmering waters.
  • Foliage frames: Cameras panned smoothly across lush greenery, capturing every leaf’s texture in crisp detail.
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Cinematographers used special lenses and filters to enhance each scene’s depth and richness while maintaining a sense of authenticity — giving audiences an almost tangible taste of New England’s scenic beauty.

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