Where Was Murder On The Orient Express Filmed? Uncovering the Locations

Are you mesmerized by the beauty of Agatha Christie’s classic novel, Murder on the Orient Express? Have you been wondering where this beloved murder mystery was filmed? If so, then you have come to the right place! I will take you on a journey across various countries to uncover each and every filming location used for this iconic movie.

From some of the most stunning scenery in Europe, USA and England, which were all used in this gripping trailer, I am here to shed light on its hidden but enchanting beauty. After reading my article, not only will you know how much planning went into shooting these scenes but also why certain locations were chosen over others. So join me as we explore the world-wide phenomenon that is Murder on the Orient Express!

So, where was the movie murder on the orient express filmed?

Where Was Murder On The Orient Express Filmed? Uncovering the Locations

Murder on the Orient Express was filmed in a variety of locations around the world. The movie was mainly shot at Longcross Studios in Surrey, England, which served as a stand-in for Istanbul’s Sirkeci station. Additional scenes were filmed in Malta and Croatia, with some exterior shots taking place in both France and Austria.

A Detailed Look at Where Murder on The Orient Express Was Shot

Murder on the Orient Express, a film based on Agatha Christie’s 1934 detective novel, invites audiences into an immersive world of mystery and intrigue. The movie was brought to life through intriguing locations that perfectly captured the essence of luxury train travel in the early 20th century. However, contrary to what one might assume, none of it was shot aboard a real moving train!

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Instead, the shooting took place in various striking locales across two countries: England and Malta. Most notably:

  • The famed Longcross Studios located outside London served as the primary filming location where a fascinating replica of the Orient Express was painstakingly built from scratch.
  • The stunning Valletta Harbour in Malta played host to some scenes which were predominantly CGI but still required an ideal backdrop for authenticity.

This combination of detailed set construction and strategic location usage created an atmosphere both magical and realistic enough to transport viewers back in time – right into Hercule Poirot’s shoes!

Why Certain Locations Were Chosen for Filming Murder on The Orient Express

In the making of Agatha Christie’s Murder on The Orient Express, filmmakers had a challenging task at hand – how to visually capture the essence of the iconic setting, and bring this gripping mystery to life. The natural choice was to shoot in locations that mirrored Christie’s descriptions; hence, they chose spots steeped in history and rich with architectural grandeur. Vinkovci, Croatia was one such place where scenes were filmed as it resembled Istanbul’s Sirkeci Station mentioned in Christie’s novel. Its antique railway station served as an ideal backdrop for the epochal journey onboard The Orient Express.

The filmmakers also ventured into some other intriguing landscapes like Malta, known for its beautiful coastline and old-world charm. They meticulously created a replica of train compartments at Longcross Studios near London because authenticity was paramount in their cinematic storytelling endeavour.
Moreover, they smartly utilized technology – using detailed 3D scans of a real Orient Express carriage from France’s Train World museum which helped them realistically recreate interiors down to accurate fixtures and fittings!

  • Vinkovci, Croatia: Its vintage railway station resembling Istanbul’s Sirkeci Station.
  • Malta: For capturing captivating coastal shots.
  • Longcross Studios (near London): To build realistic replicas of train compartments.
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In doing so not only does each location serve as a lively character within itself but also effectively mirrors Christie’s imaginative universe while bewitching viewers with its visual splendour.

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Unveiling US Locations Used in the Movie Murder on The Orient Express

The film Murder on the Orient Express transported viewers to a world of mystery and intrigue. Featuring an opulent train journey through exotic European locales, it truly is a visual feast. However, much of the filming didn’t happen in Europe – many scenes were filmed right here in the United States! The diligent design team and meticulous filmmakers successfully transformed American locations into convincing stand-ins for glamorous European settings.

Let’s delve deeper into these fascinating transformations. A large part of filming took place at London’s Longcross Studios; however, some exterior shots utilized US locations instead. For example, The Wadsworth Mansion in Connecticut became Istanbul’s Sirkeci Station – demonstrating how Hollywood magic can transport us across continents with ease! Moreover, many stunning alpine scenes weren’t shot amid Swiss Alps but instead amidst Colorado’s snow-covered peaks!

  • The Wadsworth Mansion: The grand facade and elegant interior spaces lent themselves perfectly to represent Sirkeci Station.
  • Colorado Mountains: Their breathtaking vistas provided a matchless backdrop that mirrored Switzerland’s Alpine beauty.

By doing this, producers saved money while maintaining cinematic authenticity as they brought Agatha Christie’s captivating tale to life on the big screen.