Mannequin: Where Was This Iconic Movie Filmed? [The True Story]

Are you a fan of the classic 80s film Mannequin? If so, you’re not alone! For years I’ve been wondering where this iconic movie was filmed. After spending hours researching and watching behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew, I finally uncovered the truth.

In this article, we’ll explore how Mannequin went from an idea to reality. We’ll discover which locations were used in filming and uncover other interesting facts about the production process. We’ll also talk about why it’s become such a beloved cult classic despite its mixed reviews from critics upon release. You won’t want to miss it- by the end of this post, you’ll know more than just where Mannequin was filmed; you’ll also get to peek into what made this hilarious romantic comedy so special! So let’s dive in and take a closer look at this 80s cinematic gem!

So, where was the movie mannequin filmed?

Mannequin: Where Was This Iconic Movie Filmed? [The True Story]

Mannequin was filmed on location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The movie follows the story of a young window dresser named Jonathan Switcher and his mannequin come-to-life, Emmy. Many iconic locations were used throughout the city such as Rittenhouse Square, City Hall, and Wanamaker’s Department Store (now Macy’s). Filming also took place at two sound stages located in Hollywood where they recreated an old department store for some of the scenes. In addition to filming in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Mannequin also shot scenes on the island of Malta for its Egypt sequence.

Filming Locations of Mannequin: Showcasing Iconic Philadelphia Landmarks

The 1987 romantic comedy film “Mannequin,” is infamous for its unique plot and the unforgettable performances by its cast. But what may be unnoticed by many, are the incredible Philadelphia locations that served as the backdrop to this cinematic love story. The city’s landmarks were celebrated in a way no other movie had done before, showcasing them not just as mere settings, but also contributing characters to an already vibrant narrative.

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Differing from usual studio sets, “Mannequin” leaned towards authentic locations. One of these iconic places was The John Wanamaker Building, known today as Macy’s Center City. This grand structure with its historic architecture acted as Prince & Company department store in the film – where our mannequin springs to life! With its magnificent Greek Hall and renowned Organ (the world’s largest operational pipe organ), it added layers of charm and splendor.

  • The Grand Court: A stunning spectacle featuring a colossal bronze eagle.
  • Greek Hall: A treasure trove of marble columns.

The streets around Rittenhouse Square,, one of five original squares planned by William Penn, too played host to key sequences in the movie. This leafy haven lined with towering buildings filled scenes with quintessential Philly appeal – making you fall head over heels for both Andrew McCarthy’s character… and Philadelphia!

Why Mannequin Became a Cult-Favorite Movie Despite Mixed Reviews

Have you ever wondered how Mannequin, a movie initially met with mixed reviews, became such a beloved cult classic? Well, it’s all about the charm of the unexpected. Mannequin tells an enchanting tale of an artist who falls in love with a mannequin that comes to life – a bizarre but captivating plotline that has endeared itself to countless viewers over time. The quirky humor and witty one-liners provide comic relief, perfectly contrasting against the fairytale-like romance at its core. Add Andrew McCarthy’s charismatic acting and Kim Cattrall’s radiant portrayal of Emmy (the mannequin), and we’ve got ourselves an intriguing mix!

Moving past mainstream critics’ initial reception, fans have come together to celebrate this film’s unique appeal in various ways:

  • Fan clubs: These groups share engaging discussions around favorite scenes or characters.
  • Nostalgia-driven screenings: Cinemas often host special showings where audiences can relive their fond memories associated with the film.
  • Social media appreciation posts: A vivid online community exists solely dedicated to adoringly dissecting every aspect of Mannequin.
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Through these platforms, supporters monitor every detail from hidden Easter eggs within scenes to exploring underlying themes – demonstrating why ‘Mannequins’ enduring popularity far transcends initial critiques.

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Behind-the-Scenes Insights and Little-Known Facts about the Movie Mannequin

The 1987 romantic comedy, Mannequin, has truly left its mark in the Hollywood archives. Few are aware of the intriguing stories that unfolded behind-the-scenes during its creation. From unique casting choices to impromptu script changes, there’s much fans may not know about this offbeat love story between a young artist and a mannequin that comes to life.

The film’s lead roles were initially intended for different actors altogether. In fact, writer/director Michael Gottlieb conceived the character of Jonathan Switcher specifically with Dustin Hoffman in mind! However, due to various factors such as scheduling clashes and differing artistic visions, this plan never came into fruition.

In addition to unexpected casting shake-ups, there were also several last-minute script tweaks made on set. One notable example is Kim Cattrall’s character Emmy; her backstory was actually added at her own suggestion! Originally penned as just a mannequin come-to-life without any historical context, it was Cattrall who proposed that Emmy be an ancient Egyptian princess yearning for love – adding an extra layer of depth to her character.

  • Filming locations: Despite being based in Philadelphia’s Prince & Company department store (a fictional establishment), most scenes were shot at two real-life stores: Wanamaker’s — now Macy’s Center City — and Boscov’s Department Store in Camp Hill.
  • Critics vs Fans: The movie received mostly negative reviews from critics but performed well financially and has since gained cult status among fans for its quirky charm and catchy 80s synth-pop soundtrack by Starship.
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