Where Was The Movie ‘Jexi’ Filmed? Explore The Real-Life Sets!

Have you seen the 2019 movie ‘Jexi’ and been curious about the real-life locations where it was filmed? Well, look no further! As a fan of this subversive comedy, I’ve put together this article to provide all the details on the different places around America that were used during filming.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of Jexi’s most memorable scenes and discuss exactly which cities and states these scenes were filmed in. Whether it be Alex’s apartment or Lisa’s upstate condo, we’ll explore each location step by step. With my extensive knowledge of film locations and my research skills at your disposal, you don’t have to lift a finger! So sit back, relax and let’s dive into what makes Jexi one of Hollywood’s best cinematic gems!

So, where was the movie jexi filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Jexi’ Filmed? Explore The Real-Life Sets!

The movie ‘Jexi’ was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The main set of the film is a fictional tech company called “Phobe” which was actually shot at the historic Alexandria Hotel in Downtown LA. Other filming locations included Griffith Park and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Filming Locations of Jexi in San Francisco: The City by the Bay

Filming the movie Jexi must have felt like capturing an urban fairy tale. San Francisco, often called ‘The City by the Bay’, is a blend of picturesque landscapes and modern cityscapes that effortlessly serves as a splendid backdrop for any cinematographer’s vision. Remember those sweeping panoramas of the bay? Or how about those enchanting shots of Golden Gate Bridge veiled in mist? The films’ scenes are sprinkled liberally with iconic locations, from the sun-kissed  Pier 39, to vibrant  Haight-Ashbury,  culminating in a visual feast not just for locals but viewers everywhere.

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To further appreciate these filming locales, let’s delve into why they’re so special:

  • Golden Gate Bridge: It’s impossible to picture San Francisco without this majestic bridge spanning across its blue waters; it adds depth and scale to cinematic storytelling.
  • Pier 39: This bustling hub of food stalls, shops and vintage carousel injects life and color into any scene.
  • Haight-Ashbury: Known for its bohemian vibe and vividly painted Victorian houses, it reflects SF’s artistic side accurately within each film frame.

While Jexi doesn’t shy away from including other classic SF landmarks (like Lombard Street or Fisherman’s Wharf), these three spots alone sync harmoniously with the theme while enriching viewer experience.

Touring Through the State of California: Further Filming Spots for Jexi

Jexi is a film that graces our screens with glorious shots of California, adding another layer to the comedy-drama. With vibrant cityscapes and stunning landscapes as their backdrop, filmmakers have numerous amazing locations at their disposal if they ever decided to explore further filming spots for Jexi in the Golden State.

The magnificent stretch of land from host coastline cities like Santa Monica and Huntington Beach, to the towering peaks of Yosemite National Park, offers captivating views perfect for filming. The beautifully laid out vineyards dotted across regions like Napa Valley or the rustic charm of old gold rush towns such as Julian would offer fresh perspectives and environments for Jexi’s narrative progression.

  • The sun-kissed beaches around Santa Monica pier with its bustling activity could serve as a lively contrast against Phil’s solitary life depicted in the movie.
  • The towering redwoods seen on trails through Yosemite National Park provide an opportunity for breath-taking outdoor shooting scenes.
  • The serene vineyards in Napa Valley can capture some rural tranquility amidst urban chaos.
  • Historic gold rush towns give an intriguing glimpse into Californian history that might add depth to character backgrounds or plot lines.
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Visually spectacular, culturally diverse, full of rich heritage – there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to choosing additional locations within California for future Jexi filming spots.

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The Role of Los Angeles in the Filming Process of Jexi

At the heart of Jexi, a 2019 romantic comedy film, is Los Angeles – an urban gem that illuminates the world with its vibrant culture and illustrious Hollywood magic. The city’s unique character plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative arc of Phil (Adam Devine), his love interest Cate (Alexandra Shipp), and their relationship with Phil’s AI assistant Jexi. Throughout this cinematic journey, Los Angeles’ iconic landmarks, from its sprawling beaches to its glimmering skyline, serve as more than just scenic backdrops; they’re symbols reflecting the characters’ evolution.

The majestic cityscape of Los Angeles gracefully complements Phil’s transformation from a tech-obsessed loner into someone who learns to appreciate real-life connections. It sensitively portrays how technology can eclipse human relationships in our modern world, while simultaneously showcasing LA’s warmth and charm. Key locations such as Echo Park Lake or Griffith Observatory aren’t just visually stunning but embedded within them are layers of symbolism that deepen our understanding of the storylines.
• Echo Park Lake – where Cate often bikes – alludes to her life thriving amidst nature despite being an Angeleno.
• Griffith Observatory serves as a beacon reminding Phil he has been stargazing through screens instead living experiences directly.
This sensory blend paints LA not merely as an integral part of ‘Jexi’, but also as an astute storyteller that encapsulates elements beyond words.

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