Where Was The Movie In Time Filmed? Here Are All the Details

Are you a fan of the 2011 science fiction movie, In Time? Have you been wanting to know where it was filmed? Well, you are in luck! I have done all the research and gathered all the details about the filming locations used for this amazing movie. Through my personal exploration of each location, I will provide interesting behind-the-scenes facts that can’t be found anywhere else.

So if you’re curious to learn more about In Time’s fascinating filming sites and production history, then keep reading! This article is specifically crafted for those who long to discover hidden moments from one of their favorite movies. You’ll be taken on a journey through time (pun intended!) so we can uncover secrets about this thrilling story set in an alternate universe where people must buy time with money. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure unlike any other!

So, where was the movie in time filmed?

Where Was The Movie In Time Filmed? Here Are All the Details

The 2011 science fiction movie In Time was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The main set of the movie is a futuristic city called Dayton, which was created using CGI and various locations around LA. Some of the filming locations include Union Station, downtown Los Angeles, Boyle Heights and Echo Park.

Behind-The-Scenes Facts about the movie ‘In Time’s’ Filming History

In Time, a sci-fi thriller, is known for its unique melding of a dystopian future with the universal fear of mortality. The movie, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, brings to life an intriguing concept: time as currency. But there’s much more to this film that meets the eyeball. In fact, behind-the-scenes details about its filming history offer fascinating insights into what it takes to create such novel cinematic experiences.

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During production, ‘In Time’ faced several challenges that forced filmmakers to devise innovative solutions. For instance, they had difficulty achieving the perfect lighting due its setting in perpetual night-time sequence.
As for location shooting,

  • Rather than constructing vast sets in Hollywood studios,
  • The team chose real-life locations like downtown Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach.

This not only gave authenticity but also saved production costs significantly.
To represent different districts within the film,

  • Each area was tinted with distinct color palettes,
  • Night scenes were shot using tungsten lights for ‘the ghetto’, whereas daylight-balanced fluorescents lit up ‘New Greenwich’.

The shifts between saturated earth tones and cold blues visually accentuated disparities between rich and poor regions.

The action sequences too demanded meticulous planning and execution.
A memorable behind-the-scene fact:

  • The bank robbery scene involved months of intensive training including physical conditioning and rehearsals on set-

this ensured Timberlake could perform most stunts himself!
Filmmakers also applied digital advancements extensively throughout post-production

  • To smooth out any imperfections or inconsistencies generated during live filming.

    So much so went into making ‘In Time’ – now that you know some secrets about how this movie came alive off-screen; doesn’t it make watching it on-screen even more interesting?

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