Where Was Hell And High Water Filmed? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re a fan of Hell or High Water, then you’re probably familiar with the landscape depicted in it. But have you ever wondered where was this masterpiece filmed? Well, look no further! I’m here to tell you all about the spectacular landscapes and locations that were used during filming.

In this article, I’m going to take an in-depth look at where exactly those iconic scenes were shot. We’ll explore everything from back roads of Texas to remote areas of New Mexico. Plus we’ll go into detail about some of the incredibly unique places they were able to find for specific shots as well as any major cities used during filming too! By the end, you’ll know more than enough information to feel like an expert on where Hell or High Water was filmed. So let’s get started!

So, where was the movie hell and high water filmed?

Where Was Hell And High Water Filmed? Everything You Need To Know

Hell or High Water was filmed in New Mexico. The majority of the film was shot on location throughout the state, with prominent locations including Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Cimarron. Other filming locations included Taos Pueblo and Fort Stanton State Monument near Ruidoso.

Filming Locations in Texas for Hell and High Water

Hell or High Water, a film grounded in raw emotions and authenticity, makes Texas its canvas. The vast open spaces, desolate towns, and rustic charm of the Lone Star State serve as an integral part of this gripping tale about family bonds pushed to the brink. The movie paints a haunting picture of economic despair set amidst the backdrop of rugged Texan landscapes.

  1. Archer City:
  2. Known for its vintage allure, Archer City takes center stage in several scenes. A small town with strong western vibes, it effortlessly mirrors the bleakness and desperation that mark Hell or High Water’s narrative.

  3. Clovis:
  4. Clovis might be located in New Mexico but it flawlessly stands in for Texas on-screen! This border town contributes significantly to setting up the mood and tone of desperate souls living at society’s edge.

  5. Lubbock:
  6. Lubbock adds another layer to this cinematic masterpiece with its dusty roads and quintessential Texan homes; it helps depict a world where people cling onto their roots despite overwhelming adversity.

The scenic beauty paired with an unvarnished reality brings texture to every frame – making each location not just a place but a character testifying life’s harsh realities through silence. These filming locations inject realism into Hell or High Water, anchoring it deep within Americana while offering viewers profound geographical storytelling that resonates long after viewing ends.

Major Cities Featured in the movie Hell and High Water

In the gripping film Hell and High Water, the storyline unravels across a series of enthralling locations, with major cities playing an integral part in setting the visual flavor and narrative pace. Set predominantly in Texas, this film prominently features Lubbock and Post as critical points that orchestrate the central plot.

Lubbock serves as a silent character weaving its charm into each frame, providing a riveting texture to this modern-day western thriller. The cityscapes are utilized brilliantly — be it to draw out some tense moments or act as a backdrop for heartfelt conversations among characters. Meanwhile, Post, another Texan city plays an equally compelling role in shaping up the movie’s ambience.

  • In Lubbock scenes:
  • The director uses wide shots effectively to showcase sprawling landscapes and deserted banks which set mood for heist sequences.

  • In Post scenes:
  • Audiences get treated with beautiful vistas of sleepy town streets that subtly intensify anticipation.

The depiction of these cities is instrumental in creating an atmospheric tension while painting a poignant picture of life’s despairing edges – through its empty highways, quiet diners and weathered faces – making them significant players in Hell or High Water’s captivating narrative plot.

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Unique Shooting Spots for Specific Scenes in Hell and High Water

The critically acclaimed film Hell or High Water is renowned not only for its compelling story and memorable performances but also for the stunning visuals of rustic America. Shooting locations were meticulously chosen to create a realistic portrayal of life in West Texas, even though the majority of scenes were filmed in New Mexico. The town scenes that perfectly capture the essence of rural life are set against raw, unadulterated landscapes; a tribute to director David Mackenzie’s remarkable eye for authenticity.

To start with, one unforgettable shot was at Tucumcari Mountain – an astonishingly beautiful scene that captures two characters contemplating their next move as they sit atop this unique geographical formation. It creates a brooding ambiance that heightens the emotional intensity of their conversation. Another striking location is the dusty townscape of Clovis, where some riveting chase sequences took place. This setting embodied desolation and desperation vividly.

  • The First National Bank branch heist: Filmed outside a now-defunct bank building in Wolfforth.
  • The frontier casino scenes: Shot at Route 66 Casino Hotel on Albuquerque’s western edge.
  • The concluding showdown: Captured beautifully amidst sweeping plains near Cochiti Pueblo.

All these varied locales added rich visual texture and depth to each frame while staying true to Texas’ diverse topography within ‘Hell or High Water’.

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