Where Was The Movie ‘Coming To America’ Filmed? Uncovering The Locations

Are you curious to know where the classic movie ‘Coming To America’ was filmed? Have you been dying to visit some of those iconic scenes but not sure exactly where they are? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

In this article, I’ll take you on a journey around the world as we uncover all the filming locations for ‘Coming To America’. From Los Angeles to New York and even parts of Africa too-we will explore every setting used in Eddie Murphy’s cult classic. Plus I’ll provide plenty of travel tips along the way so that you can recreate your own adventure just like Prince Akeem did in 1988. So join me now as we discover where ‘Coming To America’ was filmed!

So, where was the movie coming to america filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Coming To America’ Filmed? Uncovering The Locations

The majority of the movie ‘Coming to America’ was filmed in Long Island, New York. The production team used various locations throughout Nassau County and Queens County for filming, including areas like Jamaica Estates, Kew Gardens Hills and Saint Albans. Other scenes were shot at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens. Some exterior shots were also taken in Los Angeles, California and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Filming Locations of ‘Coming To America’ in Los Angeles

The lively city of Los Angeles was the vibrant backdrop for many scenes in the iconic movie ‘Coming to America’. One notable location is the ever-majestic Mansion of Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy. In reality, this ornate estate is known as The Wadsworth Mansion, nestled in a serene neighborhood near UCLA’s campus. Its grandeur and elegance naturally complemented Prince Akeem’s royal background.

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  • The fast food joint McDowell’s: Although it doesn’t actually exist, the filmmakers transformed a Wendy’s on Queens Boulevard into an exact replica of it – complete with tartan uniforms and beef-free Big Micks.
  • The local barbershop scene: This unforgettable sequence was also shot in Los Angeles – specifically at 3925 Florence Avenue in Baldwin Hills.
  • Zamunda, Prince Akeem’s fictional African kingdom: Despite its exotic portrayal, these scenes were actually filmed at El Segundo and Huntington Library Botanical Gardens.

Though you won’t find all these locations exactly as they appeared on screen (or even still standing), their brief stints as stars have left lasting memories that continue to delight fans when revisiting this beloved classic.

Unveiling the New York Settings in ‘Coming To America’

‘Coming to America’, a delightful comedy that’s captured the hearts of many, elegantly paints a charming representation of New York through its clever settings. This timeless piece flawlessly transports audiences into the vibrant heart and soul of this magnificent city with each scene. From Queens, one of the city’s most diverse boroughs which serves as Prince Akeem’s new home, to McDowell’s Fast Food joint where he lands his first job, every location brings out an authentic slice of New York life. The movie isn’t just about showcasing these unique places; rather it is an artful tapestry woven from all elements that make Queens – and by extension New York – what it is.

One cannot discuss ‘Coming To America’ without mentioning the iconic barbershop scenes set in My-T-Sharp Barbershop located in Queens. These scenes are brilliant manifestations of New York humor and culture, reflecting not only the diversity but also illustrating how different cultures have seamlessly blended together to create a truly global melting pot.
Moreover, another unforgettable setting is Zamunda, Prince Akeem’s fictional homeland — while not based in NY, bears mention for its stark contrast against bustling NYC life.

  • The grandeur and opulence presented in Zamunda beautifully juxtapose against the humble lifestyle encountered by our protagonist upon his arrival in Queen’s.
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A well-detailed artistry enriches these settings further breathing life into them thus grounding viewers more deeply within this captivating tale unfolding amidst NY’s vivacious urban landscape.

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African Landscapes Featured in ‘Coming To America’

In the iconic film ‘Coming to America’, there are eye-catching glimpses of African landscapes that take your breath away. The movie opens in the fictional African country, Zamunda, where Prince Akeem (played by Eddie Murphy) resides. The grandeur and beauty of his royal palace, surrounded by lush greenery and exotic wildlife make for a truly majestic sight. You can almost feel the warm sun on your skin as you gaze upon this vast kingdom bathed in golden sunlight.

The embellishment extends beyond merely visual splendor; it introduces audiences to a slice of Africa’s vibrant culture and rich traditions too. From traditional dance performances taking place under open skies to bustling marketplaces echoing with sounds of bargaining sellers and lively banter – these scenes effectively bring an immersive African experience right off the silver screen.

  • The tribal fashion worn by characters is another commendable depiction, showcasing intricate patterns inspired by real-life tribes.
  • In one scene, we are treated to a panoramic view of rolling hills dotted with acacia trees — a classic savanna landscape characteristic of parts of Africa.

This clever blend of fiction and reality makes ‘Coming To America’ more than just an entertaining watch: it’s a window into an exquisite world less explored.