Where Was The Movie ‘The Color Purple’ Filmed? A Look At Its Locations

Are you a fan of the iconic movie The Color Purple? If so, you probably already know how visually stunning it is. From rolling hills dotted with bright purple flowers, to striking sunsets lighting up the Mississippi River – each scene was carefully chosen and filmed in various locations around the world! I have been interested in the filming locations for this beloved classic ever since I first saw it years ago, and decided to take a deep-dive into researching them all.

In this article, we’ll explore where exactly The Color Purple was filmed and find out what these places look like today. We’ll uncover some interesting facts about locations from both America and Europe that were used for filming. And if you’re feeling inspired by these beautiful settings, I’ll provide tips for visiting each one yourself! So let’s get started on our journey through time and space to discover The Color Purple’s stunning filming locales!

So, where was the movie color purple filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘The Color Purple’ Filmed? A Look At Its Locations

The 1985 movie The Color Purple was mainly filmed in rural Macon, Georgia. Filming locations included several farms and small towns around the area such as Juliette, Yatesville and Montezuma. Other scenes were shot in Savannah and Atlanta, both located in Georgia. A few scenes were also filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood for interior shots of Celie’s house.

The Beauty of North Carolina: The Central Filming Location for ‘The Color Purple’

North Carolina, a jewel of the South, played a central role as the filming location for Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Alice Walker’s acclaimed novel ‘The Color Purple.’ Anson County was handpicked due to its picturesque landscapes and timeless ambiance. With lush green fields stretching out like an artist’s canvas, it successfully brought to life the rural Georgia setting in which Walker’s tale unfolds. The tranquil farmland, dotted with vintage wooden structures and shrouded by towering pine trees painted a picture-perfect backdrop that served not only as an aesthetic element but also helped set the emotional tone throughout this profound movie.

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In particular, Lilesville – tucked away in Anson County – saw some significant scenes come alive against its stunning natural panoramas. Here, nestled amid expansive cotton fields, one can find Marshville where Celie’s house – a pivotal setting within ‘The Color Purple’ was meticulously recreated.

  • The quaint town square that whispers tales of old-school southern charm.
  • The historic train depot that houses echoes from another time.
  • The peaceful dirt roads leading into seemingly endless verdant countryside vistas.

These locations breathed authentic life into every scene they graced — capturing viewers’ hearts while etching North Carolina’s beauty indelibly into cinematic history.

Touring the Southern Charm of Marshville: Key Locations in filming ‘The Color Purple’

Marshville, imbued with a quaint southern charm, served as the breathtaking backdrop for the cinematic masterpiece ‘The Color Purple’. Its rustic landscape and time-honored architecture brought to life the profound narrative of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. As you wander through Marshville, you can almost hear Celie’s soft voice echoing in the wind – each corner holding whispers of her resilience.

The Wisteria Lane: This serene neighborhood is etched into Hollywood history as Miss Millie’s house location. Its tree-lined avenues are adorned with charming antebellum homes that transport visitors back to Southern America’s post-Civil War era. Here, one could easily imagine Sofia’s fiery spirit challenging societal norms.

  • The Main Street: The pivotal scenes featuring Harpo’s juke joint were shot here, giving this bustling street a place in cinema lore.
  • The County Church: It played an essential role in several emotionally-charged sequences in ‘The Color Purple’.
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There is a peculiar marvel about walking down these locations; it feels like you are retracing footsteps embedded deep within cinematic history and soaking up slices of unforgettable narratives spun by Alice Walker.

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