Where Was The Movie Christine Filmed? The Fascinating Locations You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered where the movie Christine was filmed? I know I did! Each time I watch it, I find myself drawn in by the amazing locations that play a huge part in this iconic 80s film. From the rural town of Prospect, Connecticut to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge– every location builds up suspense and plays an important role in telling this thrilling story.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the fascinating filming locations used for Christine. You’ll gain insight into how each one adds to the mood of this timeless classic and why they were chosen for each particular scene. By the end you’ll have a much better appreciation for not only these beautiful locales but also all the hard work that went into creating one of America’s favorite horror films of all time! So let’s start our journey now and take a look at exactly where Christine was filmed!

So, where was the movie christine filmed?

Where Was The Movie Christine Filmed? The Fascinating Locations You Need To Know

The 1983 horror classic Christine was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California. The movie’s iconic car chase scene was shot on the streets of downtown LA with a few additional scenes being filmed in Santa Clarita and Thousand Oaks. Other locations used for filming included the Hollywood Center Studios, Griffith Park Observatory, and El Mirage Lakebed.

Behind-the-Scenes Tales from Filming Locations of Christine

Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind-the-scenes in iconic horror movies? Today we’re diving into the chilling tales from the filming locations of Christine. Based on Stephen King’s classic novel, this 1983 film directed by John Carpenter is renowned for its thrilling scenes and spine-tingling suspense. Over time, it has amassed a cult following, but few know about the intriguing stories that unfolded away from the spotlight during its making.

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The movie features an evil, sentient car – a red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. However, not many are aware that twenty replicas were created for filming! Why so many? For one primary reason:

  • The complexity of various stunts required different models rigged for unique circumstances

. The cars were distributed amongst various scenes according to their intended use which ranged from close-ups to action shots or getting beaten up. It’s said that only two out of all those replicas remain today; one sits in a private collection while another tours auto shows across America. In addition to this fascinating tidbit, let’s not forget how some minor scraps ensued over shooting locations due to local residents complaining about loud noises late into the night! The beauty and eeriness of these tales truly paint an interesting picture just as vivid as any scene in Christine itself.

Hidden Details and Interesting Facts about Christine’s Film Locations

The magic of film has a way of transforming run-of-the-mill locations into unforgettable landscapes. This was certainly the case with Christine, the classic horror-thriller directed by John Carpenter. Despite its spooky plot, many fans might be surprised to learn that much of Christine’s menacing on-screen action took place in everyday settings.

For instance, one major filming location was San Rafael High School located in California. If you walked down those hallways today, you’d see nothing more than your average suburban school – chalkboards, lockers and classrooms bustling with students. However, when transformed by cinematic lighting and selective camera angles for Christine, this unremarkable building became an eerie backdrop for some of the movie’s most chilling scenes.

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Another surprising detail is tied to Darnell’s Garage – a pivotal setting within the story where Arnie first encounters Christine. It may surprise you that no actual garage existed! Instead,

  • Carpenter’s set designers built this faux mechanist’s paradise from scratch in Santa Clarita,
  • mimicking a grimy 1950s-era auto repair shop.

A testament to meticulous art direction, every rusty car part and oily rag visible in these scenes was carefully placed to create an atmosphere as vital as any character performance.

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