Where Was The Movie Blue Lagoon Filmed? Our Guide To Its Exotic Locations

Are you wondering ‘where was the movie Blue Lagoon filmed?’ If so, then this article is for you! I’ve always been fascinated by exotic locations and alluring landscapes in films like Blue Lagoon. As someone who’s passionate about movies and the art of filmmaking, I wanted to find out exactly where the iconic scenes were shot. After a lot of research, I’m ready to share with you my discoveries!

In this article, we’ll explore all the breathtaking places from around the world that featured in Blue Lagoon: from remote islands to beautiful beaches. We’ll review why each location was chosen and fascinating facts about how they were used in filming. By the end you will have gained an insight into what went into creating those magical scenes – knowledge that only adds to your enjoyment when watching this classic movie again! So let’s get started on our journey around the world with Blue Lagoon!

So, where was the movie blue lagoon filmed?

Where Was The Movie Blue Lagoon Filmed? Our Guide To Its Exotic Locations

The 1980 movie Blue Lagoon was filmed on Turtle Island, a privately owned island in Fiji. The film crew stayed on the island for several weeks to capture the stunning scenery and beautiful tropical beaches of this idyllic paradise. They also used other locations throughout Fiji, including Monuriki Island (where Richard’s camp is located) and Taveuni Island (where they shot scenes at an old sugar mill).

The Impact of movie ‘Blue Lagoon’ on Tourism in the Fijian Islands

The movie ‘Blue Lagoon’ has had an undeniable influence on the tourism industry of the Fijian Islands. Shot in 1980, this film not only captivated audiences with its compelling narrative and stunning performances but also unveiled the breathtaking natural beauty of Fiji to the global audience. The turquoise lagoons, lush greenery, and pristine beaches showcased in this landmark film have since become iconic tourist attractions for visitors from all corners of the world.

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Ever since ‘Blue Lagoon’ was released,

  • the number of tourists visiting Fiji’s islands have skyrocketed: a testament to both the allure of these locales as well as their cinematic fame.
  • The Yasawa Island group – where most scenes were filmed – is now one of Fiji’s hottest tourist spots.

This movie-induced fame brought an economic boost to these previously untouched islands – increasing employment opportunities, improving infrastructure, and generating revenue through multiple avenues such as local tours and hospitality services. It’s fascinating how a single Hollywood movie played such a pivotal role in transforming Fiji into an international travel destination.

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