Where Was The Movie ‘Big’ Filmed? A Look At Locations From 30 Years Ago!

Are you a fan of the 1988 classic movie Big? Do you remember watching it for the first time and all those amazing locations that made up its charming world? Ever since then, have you been wondering where exactly was Big filmed? If so, I’m here to help!

In this article, I’ll take a look back in time and reveal all the filming locations from 30 years ago. Together we will explore New York City’s landmarks such as FAO Schwartz, Central Park, Wall Street, and more. You will also learn some interesting facts about how certain scenes were made and how different places looked like back then. By the end of this article, you’ll have gained enough knowledge to appreciate Big even more – whether it’s through memories or by visiting these iconic spots. So let’s go on an exciting journey together!

So, where was the movie big filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Big’ Filmed? A Look At Locations From 30 Years Ago!

The movie ‘Big’ was primarily filmed in and around the New York City area. The iconic Zoltar scene was shot at FAO Schwarz, a toy store located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Other scenes were filmed at Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, and Coney Island.

Revisiting Central Park: A Key Locale In The Movie ‘Big’

Central Park, New York’s urban sanctuary, breathes life into many a cinematic tale. One memorable example is the timeless film, ‘Big’. This iconic park plays an integral role in the whimsical narrative, cradling pivotal scenes and acting as a symbolic setting for transformation and growth. The park’s lush landscapes come alive on screen: we see the protagonist Josh Baskin frantically pedaling his bike through its winding trails; we witness him gazing at skyscrapers from its welcoming benches – each visual element echoing with poignant significance.

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The charm of Central Park lies in details that stayed latent until ‘Big’ brought them to light. For instance,

  • The Wollman Rink: In one key sequence, Josh charms his love interest by dancing on this very ice rink.
  • The Bethesda Fountain: Another significant scene unfolds here where Josh reveals his true age to Susan.

Both spots are now tourist attractions thanks to their appearance in the movie! Thus it isn’t surprising that when one mentions both ‘Big’ and Central Park today, nostalgia sweeps over fans who remember these iconic movie moments relishing how effortlessly ‘Big’ transformed this public space into an enchanting silver screen locale.

Reliving Wall Street from the 80s Through the Lens of ‘Big’

Think back to the 80s, Wall Street filled with fast-paced traders in their power suits, large computer monitors flickering with numbers. The movie ‘Big’ takes us on a journey right into the heart of this high-stakes world. The film portrays an era marked by excesses and rapid economic growth through the eyes of Josh Baskin, a 13-year-old boy trapped in an adult’s body after making a wish on a Zoltar machine. Imagine yourself walking alongside Josh as he explores the maze-like stock exchange floor, his wide-eyed wonder reflecting our own curiosity.

Now let’s take it up a notch. Picture that iconic scene where Josh engages in a playful piano duet at FAO Schwarz – except here,the stakes are much higher than just playing Chopsticks. As you step onto those giant piano keys alongside him,

  • You feel the palpable tension of each trade
  • You smell the heady mix of aftershave and coffee
  • You see traders frantically gesturing signals across the room.
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The frenetic energy is infectious; it seeps under your skin. This cinematic time capsule lets you experience Wall Street from three decades ago, complete with all its swaggering bravado and relentless drive for success. An exhilarating trip down memory lane awaits you inside ‘Big’.

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Hidden Gems and Lesser-Known Locations in ‘Big’: A Deeper Dive into Filming Sites

Films have a magical way of transporting us to different places, but there’s something especially thrilling about visiting the real-life locations where our favorite scenes were shot. The 1988 classic film ‘Big’, starring Tom Hanks, is full of iconic sites that are lesser-known but absolutely worth discovering.

Let’s start with Playland, an amusement park located in Rye, New York. This hidden gem was used as the backdrop for one of the most pivotal moments in ‘Big’ – when young Josh Baskin makes his wish to be “big” on a mysterious fortune telling machine called Zoltar Speaks.
You can actually visit Playland and take a spin on some of its vintage rides! Although sadly, you won’t find a Zoltar machine.

Next up we have two more off-the-beaten-path locations – The Piers and Riverbank State Park. These spots might seem unassuming at first glance, but they hold significant value for any fan of ‘Big’.

  • The Piers: In-between all those towering skyscrapers downtown Manhattan hides this serene spot by the Hudson River where Josh drops coins into water.
  • Riverbank State Park: Ever wondered where the famous piano scene was filmed? It wasn’t FAO Schwarz (as depicted in the movie) but here!. Visit this underrated spot for your own foot-tapping experience!
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These are just a few examples; so many other surprising filming locations from ‘Big’ wait patiently to be discovered by curious fans and dedicated cinephiles alike. Take your time exploring each place — who knows what unexpected treasures you’ll unearth?