The Best Of Me: Where Was It Filmed? An Inside Look At The Locations

Have you ever watched the movie The Best Of Me and instantly fallen in love with the stunning locations? I know I did! As a self-proclaimed cinephile, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the heartwarming scenery and breathtaking backdrops. But have you ever wondered where these idyllic scenes were actually filmed? Well, if so, then this article is for YOU!

Today I’ll be exploring all the amazing places that were featured in The Best of Me movie. From small towns to big cities, we’re breaking it down so you can take a real inside look at each one – just like me! We’ll also touch on some key elements within each location’s history as well as what makes them unique. So if you’re ready to take an adventure around one of your favorite movies, let’s get started!

So, where was the movie best of me filmed?

The Best Of Me: Where Was It Filmed? An Inside Look At The Locations

The Best of Me was filmed on location in Louisiana, primarily in the towns of Monterey and Grand Isle. The movie also filmed at various locations throughout New Orleans, including City Park and the French Quarter. Other filming locations included St. Francisville, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport.

Visiting New Orleans: A Fundamental Filming Spot for The Best of Me

Visiting New Orleans, you can’t help but be enveloped by the city’s vibrant energy and history. Beyond its jazz-filled streets, succulent seafood cuisine, and iconic Mardi Gras parades, New Orleans also bears a significant mark in Hollywood’s film industry. One notable example is its role as the primary filming spot for the heart-wrenching romantic film, “The Best of Me.”

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During your visit to this remarkable city, head over to some of these memorable locations that were showcased beautifully in The Best of Me. Take a leisurely stroll down Frenchmen Street where you might catch a glimpse of scenes from Dawson and Amanda’s love story. Next on your itinerary should be Garden District with its oak-lined avenues – it’ll surely take you back to those captivating cut-scenes between flashbacks.

Admire these sites while appreciating their integral part in shaping one of cinema’s most passionate love stories. Exciting isn’t it? Pack your bags — New Orleans awaits!

Fun Facts About St. Francisville: Another Key Location in The Best Of Me

Delve into the quaint, southern charm of St. Francisville, a key location in Nicholas Sparks’ captivating love story, ‘The Best of Me’. Though it might appear as just another town on the Louisiana map, St. Francisville brims with enchanting beauty and historical richness that played an essential backdrop to this emotional rollercoaster novel.

Fascinating Landmarks

Let us set out on a virtual tour through some fascinating places that make St. Francisville so special.

  • Rosedown Plantation: Steeped in history and elegance, this 19th-century plantation is known for its grand mansion and exquisite gardens that sprawl over 28 acres.
  • The Myrtles Plantation: Step back into time at one of America’s most haunted homes, shrouded in mystery and ghost stories.
  • Audubon State Historic Site: This site pays tribute to the famed ornithologist John James Audubon who created significant bird paintings here.
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Breath-taking Nature Scapes

Nature plays a charming role in shaping St. Francisville’s appeal. The mighty Mississippi River majestically carves its path along the town’s edge while pristine landscapes are adorned by live oaks draped with Spanish moss. A leisurely walk down any lane will reveal not only splendid architectural marvels but also an ecosystem humming with life – chirping birds flitting among ancient trees or squirrels busily scurrying around their domain.
With such distinctive attributes underlining its charisma, no wonder Nicholas Sparks chose St. Francisville as one of his key locations – it stirs the right blend of historic charm and natural beauty to captivate readers’ imagination.

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Behind-The-Scenes At Evergreen Plantation: Touring The Iconic Site from The Best Of Me

Imagine stepping onto the lush, iconic grounds of Evergreen Plantation, forever etched into our memories as one of the key filming locations in “The Best Of Me”. This exclusive peek behind-the-scenes lets you take a journey through time, from its 1790 inception to its Hollywood transformation. It’s not just another estate; it’s an exquisite tapestry woven with rich history and cinematic heritage. As your feet brush against the age-old cobblestones, you can’t help but feel like part of a grand narrative unfolding right under your toes.

The Tour
Your tour guide dazzles you with intriguing anecdotes about Evergreen Plantation: its architectural marvels and hidden secrets. Pivotal scenes from “The Best Of Me” come alive as each location unfolds before your eyes.

  • The majestic ‘Big House’ instantly transports you to Amanda and Dawson’s love story. Its imposing Greek Revival architecture seems almost dream-like in their reminiscence.
  • The double row of 300-year-old live oaks create a canopy over a pathway that most fans would recognize from Dawson’s emotional return home scene.
  • The quaint slave cabins stand as poignant reminders of America’s dark past while adding depth to the film’s setting.
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Each feature embodies elegance borne out of resilience, creating an immersive experience for every visitor at this remarkable place – just consider it being on set without any cameras rolling!