Where Was The Movie ‘Arrival’ Filmed? Here’s What We Know

Are you a fan of the sci-fi movie ‘Arrival’? Have you been wondering where it was filmed? I’ve been there too! You might have asked yourself, ‘Was it shot on location or in studio sets?’ Well, look no further – this article dives deep into the filming locations for Arrival. I’m an avid movie watcher and have spent years researching some of my favorite movies like ‘Arrival’. Here, I’ll walk you through each set used to create this unique story so you can get a better understanding of what went into making this critically acclaimed film. So let’s take a closer look at where ‘Arrival’ was filmed and why these specific places were chosen!

So, where was the movie arrival filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Arrival’ Filmed? Here’s What We Know

The movie ‘Arrival’ was primarily filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The film’s production team also traveled to various locations around the world including Paris and Budapest. Filming took place over a period of four months with some scenes shot on location at McGill University’s McConnell Engineering Building in Montreal. Other scenes were filmed at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters located near Ottawa and even inside an actual alien spacecraft set built by production designers.

Behind the Scenes: Filming Locations of Arrival

When we peel back the curtain on the making of one of Hollywood’s most intriguing sci-fi films, Arrival, we find a fascinating exploration of various filming locations. The director Denis Villeneuve chose several stunning, real-world settings to create the moody, thought-provoking atmosphere that has become synonymous with the movie itself. This thrilling drama was shot primarily in two key geographic areas: Montreal, Canada and Saint-Fabien, Quebec.

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For scenes featuring Dr Louise Banks’ house and her university workplace — both crucial elements in our heroine’s storyline —Montreal served as an ideal backdrop. Louise’s home is a perfect example: large floor-to-ceiling windows flood interiors with natural light while offering expansive views on beautiful Mont Royal Park outside. Can you picture it?
These architectural details were so important because they subtly underscored Arrival’s central themes about connection between humans and their environment.

  • The John Abbott College stood out as another shining star on Montreal’s list.
  • This majestic Victorian-era building doubled up perfectly for Montana University where Louise taught.

Moving further east to Saint-Fabien, this picturesque village played host to some of Arrival’s most iconic moments – including those mysterious touchdown scenes involving alien spacecrafts! Over there amidst its vast fields populated by agitated livestock and skyscraping grain silos painted against an eerie blue sky – these quiet rural landscapes became terrifyingly surreal when suddenly interrupted by gigantic pebble-shaped extraterrestrial ships suspended mid-air!
Who could ever forget about that uncanny sight recreated meticulously by film crew right here on earth just below Saguenay River?

The Story Behind Choosing Arrival’s Filming Spots

The Story Behind Choosing Arrival’s Filming Spots begins with director Denis Villeneuve and his team’s worldwide search for locations that could perfectly capture the eerie, otherworldly atmosphere of the movie. The film required a blend of ordinary and extraordinary settings, merging everyday life with an alien invasion seamlessly. This challenging task led them to the scenic landscapes of Quebec, Canada, where they found exactly what they were looking for – a harmonious balance between nature’s beauty and its alluring mystery.

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In particular, two main locations in Quebec became integral parts to depict Arrival’s thrilling narrative.

  • Saint-Fabien: A quaint region in Bas-Saint-Laurent was chosen as one of earth’s contact points with aliens.
  • Montreal’s modern skyscrapers: This cityscape played a pivotal role in creating contrast against which these extraterrestrial events unfold.

The setting at Saint-Fabien offered vast open fields bordered by dense forests; it created an isolated yet stunning backdrop for the ominous spacecrafts’ arrival. On the other hand, Montreal’s architectural marvels allowed filmmakers to portray humanity’s scientific response realistically. With its towering glass buildings reflecting both hope and fear simultaneously, it served as an ideal stage for humankind grappling with unknown mysteries from a different world. These carefully selected filming spots contributed significantly towards enhancing Arrival’s suspenseful tone while keeping viewers intrigued till its mind-bending climax.

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