An Officer and a Gentleman Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Shot?

Are you a fan of the drama-romance classic An Officer and a Gentleman? Are you wanting to visit the real life locations where the movie was filmed? Well, look no further! I’ve been in love with this iconic film since I saw it as a kid, and have done plenty of research into the various filming sites. Let me share all my knowledge with you so that you too can experience some of this magic for yourself!

In this article, we will take an in depth look at the exact places An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed – from Portland Oregon to California’s majestic coastline. We’ll also explore how exactly they transformed these ordinary sites into unforgettable cinematic moments worth remembering forever. By the end of it, you’ll be able to plan your own trip down memory lane and gain an appreciation for some truly beautiful places. So let’s set sail on our journey across America – shall we?

So, where was the movie an officer and a gentleman filmed?

An Officer and a Gentleman Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Shot?

The 1982 classic movie An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed in Port Townsend, Washington. The majority of the filming took place at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard located in Bremerton, Washington. Other locations included Fort Worden State Park and Manette Bridge in Port Townsend, as well as Seattle’s Fisherman’s Terminal and Ballard Locks.

“An Officer and a Gentleman”: Filming Location in Port Townsend, Washington

The marine town of Port Townsend, Washington
served as the perfect backdrop for the iconic 80’s film “An Officer and a Gentleman.” With its quaint Victorian architecture and breathtaking seaside views, Port Townsend provided an ideal blend of beauty and authenticity. The town’s unique character is so vividly captured on screen that it almost emerges as a secondary protagonist in this timeless love story.

  • Fort Worden State Park,
  • The Tides Inn,
  • and Swan Hotel
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were some key filming locations which added depth to the visual narrative. The historic Fort Worden with its imposing military structures lent an air of severity echoing Lou Gossett Jr.’s stern Sergeant Foley. On a softer note, scenes shot at The Tides Inn showcased beautiful panoramic sea vistas while those filmed at Swan Hotel highlighted a charming slice of small-town life. Each location was chosen with care to add layers to the storyline without drawing attention away from the plot or characters – truly showcasing Hollywood’s ability to discover hidden gems within America’s wonderfully diverse landscape.

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