Where Was The Movie ‘All The Right Moves’ Filmed? Here’s What We Know…

Have you ever watched the 1983 movie All The Right Moves and thought to yourself “where was this filmed?” It’s a classic that features the late Tom Cruise in one of his breakout roles. From its dramatic sports scenes to its small-town Americana vibes, it has all the elements of a great movie.

In this article, I’m going to answer your question: Where was All The Right Moves filmed? But I’m also going to take it a step further! Through my years of studying and researching movies from different locations around the world, I will give you an inside look into where this classic was made. We’ll explore photos and stories from cast and crew members about what it was like filming on location in Pennsylvania for All The Right Moves. So if you’re as curious as I am about this cult classic film, let’s start our exploration!

So, where was the movie all the right moves filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘All The Right Moves’ Filmed? Here’s What We Know…

The 1983 movie All The Right Moves was filmed in and around Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The majority of the film’s scenes were shot at Johnstown High School, as well as other locations throughout the city such as Cambria City, Geistown Borough and Southmont Borough. Other filming locations include nearby Somerset County and Pittsburgh.

The Main Filming Location for ‘All The Right Moves’: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

The little town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, nested in the heartland of America, was the main filming location for the much-acclaimed movie ‘All The Right Moves’. This enchanting locale is like a finely woven tapestry that beautifully blends pastel landscapes with architectural marvels from a bygone era. This picturesque setting provided an authentic flavor and charm to the film, subtly amplifying its allure.

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Stepping into Johnstown is akin to traversing through a living storybook – each corner brimming with whispers of history and unspoken tales. In this captivating backdrop, ‘All The Right Moves’ found it’s perfect canvas. Its key landmarks witnessed some pivotal scenes:

  • The historic Point Stadium – Where many adrenaline-pumping football matches were filmed.
  • The iconic stone bridge – Known as The Stone Bridge, which added depth to many dramatic sequences.
  • Gautier Steel Mill – Used extensively throughout the movie to portray economic hardship and resilience.

It’s fascinating how Johnstown has deftly retained its allure even after years of playing host to this cinematic masterpiece. It remains forever etched in our minds as the silent yet eloquent character from ‘All The Right Moves’, effortlessly blending reality with reel life.

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