Where Was ‘2 Guns’ Filmed? Here Is The Lowdown On The Locations

Are you a fan of the 2013 action crime comedy ‘2 Guns’? Have you watched it and been curious about the locations where it was filmed? If so, then this article is just for you! I have been studying and researching all things movie-related for a long time now and I’m here to bring you into the world of ‘2 Guns’ film locations.

As we explore together, I’ll take you through each location used in the film while providing some background information on them as well as what scenes were actually shot there. By the end of this article, not only will you know exactly where ‘2 Guns’ was filmed but also be filled with admiration for the amazing real-life settings that make up this awesome flick! So without further ado, let’s get into uncovering these 2 guns filming sites.

So, where was the movie 2 guns filmed?

Where Was ‘2 Guns’ Filmed? Here Is The Lowdown On The Locations

‘2 Guns’ was filmed on location in New Mexico and Louisiana. The majority of the filming took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with some scenes being shot at Santa Fe Studios. Other locations included El Paso, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana.

Key Filming Locations for ‘2 Guns’: A Comprehensive Overview

The action-packed movie ‘2 Guns’ thrills audiences with its intense plot, charismatic characters, and stunning visuals. But it’s not just the high-voltage acts of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg that keep viewers glued to their screens; it’s also the meticulous choice of filming locations which add depth to each scene. Among these are renowned spots in New Orleans, a city often used for its unique blend of history, culture, and urban grit.

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In ‘2 Guns’, New Orleans is almost a character itself with sweeping panoramic shots of the famous French Quarter bustling with life adding color to every frame. The story unfolds along the narrow alleys lined with Creole townhouses where jazz music drifts down from balconies overhead. Other notable venues include:

  • The Old U.S Mint,
  • Louis Armstrong Park,
  • Bourbon Street.

On one hand, you have ranch-style sets located amidst desolate landscapes in New Mexico that highlight intensity in certain sequences. Filmmakers astutely chose these contrasting locales – rustic southwestern charm versus vibrant urban energy- creating a balance within the film’s cinematic universe.

The off-the-beaten-path locales like desert roads and shantytowns offer an edge-of-your-seat thrill mixed with stark realism.

  • The rural areas around Albuquerque,
  • Rio Puerco Valley.

With every location serving as more than just a backdrop but rather an integral component enhancing narrative texture, ‘2 Guns’ remains visually captivating throughout.

Unveiling the Role of Albuquerque, New Mexico in ‘2 Guns’

Albuquerque, New Mexico played a pivotal role in the action-packed movie ‘2 Guns’. Bursting with raw realism and rugged beauty, this southwestern city served as more than just a scenic backdrop. Think about it – Albuquerque was chosen among countless other cities to be immortalized on film and its unique essence definitely contributes to the ambiance of the story. From breathtaking sunsets over the Sandia Mountains, to dramatic vistas of high desert landscapes, each scene subtly underscored by Albuquerque’s undeniable charm and mystique.

The filmmakers made use of iconic locations around Albuquerque — not only for their visual appeal but also because they perfectly encapsulated what ‘2 Guns’ is all about: danger lurking in plain sight within an outwardly serene world. For instance:

  • The barren wastes surrounding The Box performance space provided a stark contrast for intense shootouts.
  • The historic Old Town district, with its quaint adobe buildings, conveyed an aura of deceptive tranquility amidst underlying threats.
  • Even simple scenes shot along Route 66 added depth by playing on nostalgic undertones while hinting at hidden perils.
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In conclusion, seemingly tranquil yet teeming with unspoken hazards – that’s how Albuquerque silently yet effectively portrayed its character in ‘2 Guns’. Without uttering a single line or firing any bullet itself, it managed to leave behind an indelible impact on viewers’ minds.

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The Significance of Louisiana in the Making of ‘2 Guns’

Did you know the cinematic masterpiece ‘2 Guns’ borrowed its vivid backdrop from none other than Louisiana? The Bayou State is often overlooked, but it played an essential role in crafting the lively scenery and rich atmosphere that made this action-packed movie a delight to watch. Louisiana’s unique charm lent authenticity to the narrative, transforming ordinary scenes into striking visuals that echo long after viewing. Its vibrant landscapes teeming with lush greenery and tranquil water bodies painted a picturesque canvas for our heroes’ thrilling exploits.

The selection of shooting locations was meticulously done in various parts of Louisiana like Amite City and New Orleans. These settings laid down an incredible platform where ‘2 Guns’ weaves its magic.

  • New Orleans: With its iconic French Quarter and scintillating nightlife, helped create a dynamic aura around the characters.
  • Amite City: A quaint town known for its restaurants, offered a stark yet captivating contrast to bustling city-life depicted in other scenes.

In essence, each location acted as an invisible character subtly influencing plot progression while adding depth to storytelling by enhancing scenes through their inherent beauty or grittiness. Without Louisiana’s distinctive personality engrained into every scene, ‘2 Guns’ would have arguably lost some of its mesmerizing allure.

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