Where Was Roxanne Movie Filmed? Uncovering the Locations of this Classic Film

Have you ever watched the classic movie Roxanne and wondered where they filmed it? I know I have! After all, the stunning landscapes of Washington State just add to its already delightful charm. But who wouldn’t want to explore some of these same spots for themselves? Well, if that’s something you’d like to do, then read on!

In this article, we’ll be uncovering the exact locations used in the making of Roxanne. Plus, I’ve done a bit of research myself and will tell you about some fun facts related to filming. Being an avid fan of the film and having visited many places around Washington State myself, I feel confident that by the end you’ll have no trouble finding out which scenes were shot at what location – including my personal favorites! So let’s get going and take an exciting journey through time together with one amazing movie!

So, where was roxanne movie filmed?

Where Was Roxanne Movie Filmed? Uncovering the Locations of this Classic Film

The movie Roxanne was filmed in several locations throughout the state of Washington, USA. The main filming locations were the city of Ellensburg and Seattle. Other scenes were also shot in North Bend, Snoqualmie Falls, and Mt Rainier National Park.

Unveiling the Primary Location of Roxanne Film: Nelson, British Columbia

Nelson, British Columbia, is the enchanting town that served as the primary filming location for the well-received comedy-drama film, Roxanne. Nestled in Canada’s beautiful mountainous region, Nelson boasts a charming appeal with its historic buildings and lush landscapes. From quaint cafes to picturesque parks, each corner of this town breathes life into every scene of Roxanne. It provides an alluring backdrop that complements perfectly with the movie’s warm sense of humor and romance.

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This idyllic Canadian hamlet was carefully selected for its unique features. The filmmakers needed a place rich in character and natural beauty to seamlessly blend every frame with authenticity. Nelson shone brightly among other choices – a genuine hidden gem.
Noteworthy scenes include:

  • The panoramic view from Pulpit Rock showcasing the magnificent Kootenay River.
  • Baker Street brimming with boutique stores where eccentric characters are introduced.
  • Lakeside Park providing serene vistas during romantic sequences.

nSuch landmarks made Nelson indispensable to Roxanne’s storytelling; indeed it became another character in itself.

Roxanne’s Fire Station Scene: A Closer Look at the Historical Building

At first glance, Roxanne’s Fire Station might seem like your run-of-the-mill historical structure. Yet, upon closer inspection, it reveals an intricate tale of history and resilience that demands admiration. The fire station is a stunning piece of architecture; each brick appears to tell its own story — some filled with intense heat and smoke from past fires fought bravely by gallant firefighters while others whisper tales of the community that thrived in its towering shadow.

Each corner of Roxanne’s Fire Station holds a different narrative:

  • The Engine Room: Once filled with the humming engines of fire trucks ready for action at any moment.
  • The Dormitory: A testament to those who stood guard all night, willing to risk their lives at the sound of an alarm bell.
  • The Watchtower: Bearing witness to countless sunrises and sunsets over the town it has vigilantly protected for decades.

In every nook and cranny there is evidence of a steadfast building standing tall through countless emergencies and changes – ever reliable as she keeps her vigil over Roxanne’s town. This isn’t just another old edifice gathering dust; it’s a stalwart symbol embodying Roxanne’s spirit through time, proudly displaying her unwavering courage with every brick in place.

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Behind The Screen – Trivia and Fun Facts about Roxanne Movie Production

The making of “Roxanne”, a charming 1987 romantic comedy starring Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah, is filled with delightful trivia that adds an extra layer of fascination to the film. To begin with, Martin’s beguiling script for Roxanne was inspired by Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de Bergerac. But rather than a simple adaptation, he took the story’s heart – a large-nosed man in love with a beautiful woman who loves another – and spun it into an affectionate parody set in modern times.

The filming location itself holds an interesting backstory:
• The serene town where the tale unfolds is no Hollywood set; it’s Nelson, British Columbia.
• This picturesque Canadian city is so captivating that multiple films have been shot here because of its quintessential small-town charm.
And let’s not forget about Roxanne’s famous nose. It wasn’t just any normal fake one found at your local costume store; instead,
• The nose was custom made by makeup artist Michael Westmore, carefully designed to be comedic yet believable.

Moreover, each morning during production saw Martin spending two long hours getting his prosthetic nose applied flawlessly. So next time you watch Roxanne and chuckle at her hero’s oversized schnozzle remember there’s some fantastic behind-the-screen trivia embedded within every scene!