Where Was Open Range Movie Filmed? A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Have you ever wondered where the movie Open Range was filmed? Or how they managed to create breathtaking landscapes for its viewers? Well, I have been a fan of this movie for years and recently I decided to do some digging. After lots of research and interviews with cast members, I stumbled upon an incredible behind-the-scenes look at how Open Range was filmed.

In this article, we’ll uncover all the places that were used in the making of Open Range. I’ll share everything from the locations used in Montana and Alberta to what challenges filmmakers encountered while shooting on location. By the end of this article, you will gain insight into the effort it took to bring this Western classic to life! Ready? Let’s get started!

So, where was open range movie filmed?

Where Was Open Range Movie Filmed? A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Open Range was filmed in Alberta, Canada. The movie’s main locations include Longview, Fort Macleod and High River. Other scenes were shot at the Bar U Ranch near Pekisko, Alberta. This historic ranch has been used for many western movies over the years including Unforgiven and Legends of the Fall.

The Filming Locations of Open Range: Montana and Alberta

Open Range, a classic saga of the western genre, is known not only for its gripping storyline but also for its picturesque filming locations. The sweeping landscapes and raw beauty that set the stage in this film are found predominantly across Montana and Alberta. These locations breathe life into the narrative, making it as captivating visually as it is thematically.

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In Montana, let’s take you straight to several scenes showcasing its unbridled wilderness. Its vast plains reaching out towards an infinite horizon, punctuated by low-set hills and daubed with rich hues of greenery – all these speak volumes about Montana’s indomitable spirit. This untamed beauty adds a layer of authenticity to Open Range, setting it apart from other westerns.

We then cross over to Alberta in Canada where contrasting landscapes offer stunning backdrops for other pivotal moments in the film. Here we find ourselves amidst towering snow-capped mountains,

  • rugged terrains etched against azure skies,
  • sprawling grasslands waving under soft breezes,
  • dense forests whispering tales of yore.

These sceneries not only provide depth to each frame but also subtly influence character development and plot progression throughout Open Range.

The cinematography brilliance seen here pays testament to how meticulously both Montana and Alberta were selected as filming locations for Open Range – capturing heart-stopping visuals on celluloid while keeping viewers entranced scene after scene.

Challenges Encountered in Filming Open Range on Location

Filming a movie on location has its own set of unique challenges, and filming Open Range was no exception. One prominent issue faced by the crew was the unpredictable weather patterns in Alberta, Canada, where the film was shot. The vast, untouched Canadian prairies might have provided an authentic backdrop for this Western drama, but their exposure to elements made managing shooting schedules very complex. One day would be clear and sunny – perfect for capturing those stunning wide-angle shots; then suddenly clouds would roll in, bringing rain or even snowstorms that halted production.

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The remote location presented another hurdle; most modern amenities were often miles away which led to logistic nightmares such as transporting heavy equipment through unpaved terrain and accommodating crew members near shooting sites.

  • The director had to ensure everyone’s safety while working far from hospitals.
  • Treating minor injuries or illnesses became more difficult than it would’ve been if they were filming in a city.

Furthermore, living in temporary housing accommodations like trailers brought about its own set of problems — everything from lack of privacy to dealing with uninvited wildlife guests! Despite these hurdles though, filming Open Range on location added depth and authenticity to the film which arguably contributed significantly to its success.

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