Where Was The Movie ‘Risen’ Filmed? A Journey To Ancient Spain

Are you a fan of the 2016 biblical-drama movie, ‘Risen’? Maybe you’ve watched it and wondered where it was filmed? I know I have! After watching this epic story unfold on screen, my curiosity was piqued to discover what filming locations were used. So I decided to embark on a journey of discovery using my knowledge from researching film production and set design over the years.

In this article, I’ll be transporting us back in time to discover the various ancient Spanish filming locations for this cinematic masterpiece. We’ll explore each site: from its historical significance within the movie plot, to how it has changed (and stayed the same!) since then. By the end of reading this article, you will have gained enough knowledge about these special locations that you too could take a pilgrimage there if inspiration strikes! Let’s start by travelling back 2 millennia…

So, where was movie risen filmed?

Where Was The Movie ‘Risen’ Filmed? A Journey To Ancient Spain

The movie ‘Risen’ was filmed in Spain, mostly around the cities of Seville and Cadiz. In addition to these cities, some filming took place in Almeria and Granada. The production crew also visited several ancient Roman sites including Italica (the birthplace of Emperor Trajan) and Carmona which is home to an impressive archaeological site with ruins dating back to the 1st century BC.

Revisiting Malaga: The Main Filming Location of ‘Risen’

Without a shred of doubt, the gorgeous city of Malaga holds an indelible charisma that effortlessly lures filmmakers across the globe. It was only inevitable that the 2016 Sony Pictures film ‘Risen’ would gravitate towards this idyllic Spanish city to unfold its spellbinding narrative about faith and redemption. One may ask, what makes Malaga such a desirable choice? The answer lies in its perfect marriage of striking landscapes with antique charm.

You’ll find within Malaga an epitome of millennia-old history juxtaposed against stunning natural beauty. Each scene shot here seems to transport you back in time as your eyes feast on perfectly preserved Roman theatres, winding streets echoing Moorish influence and majestic cathedrals with soaring towers.

  • The Ancient Roman Theatre, for instance, served as a prime location for ‘Risen’ due to its impeccable preservation; it speaks volumes about the rich historical tapestry woven into Malaga’s fabric.
  • The Alcazaba Castle, another picturesque spot featured heavily in the movie, offers mesmerizing views encompassing both urban landscape and shimmering coastline.
  • In addition to these architectural gems is The Cathedral, one look at which will make you understand why ‘Risen’ could not resist capturing its grandeur on film.
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Drenched in sunshine most of the year, Malaga’s climate further enhances these beautiful structures, casting intriguing shadows and bathing them in golden glow during magic hours. No wonder it proved irresistible for ‘Risen’, providing an evocative backdrop that inflamed viewers’ imagination while keenly reflecting Malta’s biblical era ambiance.

From Screen to Reality: Travel Guide to ‘Risen’s’ Filming Sites

Risen, a captivating film that has held audiences spellbound with its stunning visuals, doesn’t just mesmerize you through the screen but invites you into a world of extraordinary landscapes. The movie’s filming locations offer an intriguing mixture of serenity and adventure. From the awe-inspiring terrains of Spain to breathtaking Malta, each location tells its own fascinating story beyond what is portrayed in Risen.

For those entranced by the film’s vibrant scenes and wish to experience them firsthand, begin your journey at Almeria, Spain where most exterior scenes were shot. Here, you’ll encounter untouched beaches stretched out beside rugged cliffs and historical landmarks including Alcazaba – an ancient fortress over 1,000 years old! To enhance your trip,

  • Explore Tabernas Desert,
  • Marvel at Cathedral de la Encarnación,
  • Visit Sierra Nevada National Park.

Their beauty will surely leave you speechless.

Then jet off to the island country of Malta which served as Jerusalem in ‘Risen’. Stroll around Mdina’s narrow streets or visit Fort Ricasoli used for many biblical scenes. Also discover:

  • The remarkable Blue Grotto,
  • Fascinating Hagar Qim temples from 3600 BC,
  • Spectacular Dingli Cliffs offering unparalleled sea views.

The genuine warmth of Maltese people coupled with their rich history make this stop unforgettable on any ‘Risen’ inspired tour.

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