Where Was Matilda The Musical Movie Filmed? Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Have you ever watched the Matilda The Musical movie and wondered where it was filmed? I know I have! It is such a fun flick and has left me with many questions. Where did they film the incredible scenes? Who was involved in the production process? How did they bring Roald Dahl’s classic book to life on screen so brilliantly?

If you are anything like me, then this article is for you!. In this article, we’ll explore all kinds of fascinating facts about Matilda The Musical’s filming locations and production team. We will also look at some behind-the-scenes secrets that were kept under wraps until now. Afterward, you’ll be an expert on one of the most popular musicals of all time! So if you’re ready to take a journey into the making of this iconic movie, let’s get started!

So, where was matilda the musical movie filmed?

Where Was Matilda The Musical Movie Filmed? Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Matilda the Musical Movie was filmed in England and Lithuania. The majority of filming took place at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England. Other filming locations included Boughton House in Northamptonshire, which served as Crunchem Hall School; Wandsworth Town Hall; and the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Some of the outdoor scenes were shot at Pinewood Studios on a set built to look like an English village.

Filming Locations of Matilda The Musical Movie: A Closer Look

The filming locations of the vibrant and heartwarming musical movie, Matilda, offers its audience a captivating visual treat. Stepping away from Hollywood’s glittery sets, this cinematic spectacle unfolds in real-world picturesque locales. The contrast of humble suburban terrains against gloriously grand edifices has indeed resulted in a striking backdrop that beautifully complements Matilda’s magical world.

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Whittier, California, serves as the primary location where Matilda’s house scenes were filmed. Nestled amidst quaint houses and sunny streets with characteristically American ambiance, it brought to life the Wormwoods’ abode.
On the other hand, Pasadena, particularly Pasadena City Hall – an architectural marvel with its magnificent archways and intricate detailing – doubled up as “Crispwood Elementary School”. This gave viewers visually delightful moments filled with ornate corridors and larger-than-life school premises.

  • Pacific Electric Building – Downtown
  • ,

  • Brunswick Recreation Centers – Los Angeles (for bowling alley scenes), and
  • Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home
  • , (used for library shots) added distinct flavors to various sequences.

All these locations seamlessly blended into each other to create a cohesive setting that made storytelling more potent. Each locale was not just a mere background but played a crucial role in enhancing every scene’s mood and atmosphere.

Behind the Scenes: Secrets from the Matilda The Musical Set

The magic of Matilda The Musical is not only confined to the singing and dancing on stage, but also intensifies behind-the-scenes. One might wonder how such an enchanting spectacle comes into existence far from the audience’s view. The backstage area, a bustling hub of activity, houses numerous artists tirelessly working their crafts.

Unseen by the audience are large contraptions that morph with each changing scene. Craftsmen and technicians work diligently to ensure these movable set pieces slide flawlessly across the stage at just the right moment. They masterfully manipulate ropes and pulleys in a coordinated ballet of precision unseen by those seated in front.

  • The Chokey: This terrifying closet where naughty children are sent has been ingeniously created using layers of paint and texture techniques.
  • The Library: Mrs Phelps’ eccentric library brims with over 2,000 books; surprisingly most are empty boxes covered meticulously designed dust jackets.

Costumes play a vital role too! Trunchbull’s menacing outfit? Made entirely from scratch – tailored exactly to fit actor Bertie Carvel’s lean physique while maintaining Ms Trunchbull’s bulky silhouette. All under strict supervision so as not to lose Roald Dahl’s original vision for this iconic character.

While actors may bask in applause at curtain call, it wouldn’t be possible without these unsung heroes who make all this magic happen seamlessly behind-the-scenes – ensuring every performance is a masterpiece worthy of Matilda herself.

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