Lana Del Rey Net Worth: How Rich Is She? [2020]

Quick Answer: Lana Del Rey has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

## Who is Lana Del Rey?
Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, is a singer-songwriter known for her sultry voice and nostalgic sound. She rose to fame with her debut album “Born to Die” in 2012 and has since released several successful albums.

## A Peek into Her Net Worth
As of 2021, Lana Del Rey’s net worth stands at around $30 million. This impressive figure can be attributed to the success of her music career, as well as various business ventures and endorsements.

## Music Career Successes
Lana’s music has garnered critical acclaim and commercial success over the years, with chart-topping hits such as “Summertime Sadness” and “Young and Beautiful”. She has also won numerous awards including two Brit Awards, an MTV Europe Music Award, and a Grammy nomination.

## Business Ventures & Endorsements
Aside from her music career successes, Lana has ventured into other areas of business. In 2018 she launched a poetry book titled “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass”. She also collaborated with fashion brand H&M on a campaign in 2012. Through these ventures plus lucrative endorsements deals like for Jaguar cars that had her writing its F-Type launch song “Burning Desire”, it’s no wonder why she’s become so wealthy

## Conclusion
In conclusion,Lana Del Rey is not just another rich celebrity but someone whose wealth was built by hard work over many years.Her net worth reflects this diligence – something we should all aspire towards!

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