Is The Movie ‘The Martian’ On Netflix? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re wondering if ‘The Martian’ is on Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. As a long-time fan of the movie, I’m excited to answer this question for everyone! I’ve studied and researched streaming services extensively, so I can help you find out what exactly is available when it comes to watching ‘The Martian’. In this article we’ll explore where you can stream ‘The Martian’, how much it costs, and if there are other ways of watching the film. We’ll also take a look at some alternatives in case Netflix isn’t an option for you. By the end of this article, you will have all the information necessary to decide which service works best for your needs and be well equipped with knowledge on streaming ‘The Martian’. So let’s get started!

Is The Movie ‘The Martian’ On Netflix? Here’s What You Need To Know

Quick Answer: No, ‘The Martian’ is not currently available on Netflix. However, it can be rented or purchased from various streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. You can also rent the DVD or Blu-ray version of the movie from retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Netflix Availability of ‘The Martian’: A Comprehensive Review

Ever stumbled upon a movie that has sparked your curiosity, only to find out it’s not available on your favorite streaming platform? Such is the case with the critically acclaimed space odyssey, ‘The Martian’. Now, you may ask, “Is ‘The Martian’ on Netflix?“. It certainly used to be. Yet as of this moment, sadly, this gripping tale of survival and ingenuity remains absent from their current roster.

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Netflix’s library continually evolves; featuring an eclectic mix of cinematic classics and modern hits. Sadly for fans of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece about astronaut Mark Watney’s struggle for survival on Mars (The Martian), they’re currently left in the cold. Notable reasons could include licensing deals or even competition amongst streaming platforms. There are still other avenues to enjoy this thrilling ride through interstellar adversity such as:

  • Amazon Prime Video: Where it can be rented or purchased.
  • Hulu: Available with a Cinemax add-on.


While I wish I could write words of joy confirming its presence in Netflix’s universe, it isn’t so at present. The wait continues for those eager Netflix subscribers waiting to embark on an exhilarating journey with Matt Damon across the red sands of Mars in ‘The Martian’.

Alternative Platforms to Stream ‘The Martian’

The hunt is on for the perfect platform to stream ‘The Martian.’ However, there’s no need to fret if your usual go-to doesn’t have it available. The internet offers a galaxy of alternatives, each brimming with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you are an ardent movie buff seeking the highest quality visuals or just looking for a casual night in front of the screen, these platforms promise an interstellar experience.

To start off, Amazon Prime Video makes an excellent option. With premium picture quality and easy accessibility across devices, you’re guaranteed smooth sailing through Mars’ red dunes.
Vudu, another viable choice, stands out with its diverse library and high-definition streaming options that can truly make your encounter with extraterrestrial life feel real!

  • Hulu
  • iTunes
  • Google Play Movies & TV
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These are other brilliant contenders – each known for their extensive collections, user-friendly interfaces and flexible pricing models. So pick your platform wisely – after all Matt Damon’s sheer resourcefulness as astronaut Mark Watney deserves nothing less than stellar!

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