How Many WWJD Movies Are There? A Complete Guide To The Series

How many WWJD movies are out there? This is a question that may have crossed your mind if you’re a fan of the popular series. And let’s be honest, with its heartwarming messages and relatable characters, it’s no wonder why so many people love these films! But as the title suggests, I’m here to give you a complete guide to the series – from its humble beginnings to its latest releases. So grab some popcorn and get ready to dive into the world of WWJD movies with me.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how many WWJD movies have been made, their titles and release dates, as well as some interesting facts about each one. Whether you’re new to the series or a longtime fan looking for a refresher on all things “What Would Jesus Do?” related, this guide has got you covered. So join me on this journey as we explore the inspiring stories and powerful messages behind each film in this beloved franchise. Let’s get started!

So, how many wwjd movies are there?

How Many WWJD Movies Are There? A Complete Guide To The Series

There are currently three movies in the “WWJD” series: “What Would Jesus Do?”, “WWJD II: The Woodcarver”, and “WWJD III: The Journey Continues”. These inspirational films follow the story of a small town pastor, his family, and their struggles to live out their faith in difficult situations. Each movie explores different themes such as forgiveness, redemption, and trusting in God’s plan. While they all center around the question of what Jesus would do in certain situations, each film stands on its own with unique characters and plotlines. If you’re looking for heartwarming stories that will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged, these WWJD movies are a must-watch!

Comprehensive List of WWJD Movies: Names and Release Dates

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of faith-based movies hitting the big screen. Among them are a series of films that carry the acronym WWJD, which stands for “What Would Jesus Do?” These movies explore themes of morality, compassion, and forgiveness through the lens of Christian beliefs. Here is a comprehensive list of WWJD movies and their release dates:

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1. WWJD: The Movie (2010) – This film follows the story of four strangers who receive mysterious invitations to spend a weekend at an isolated cabin. As they come together and share their struggles with faith and life, they are forced to confront the question: What would Jesus do in their situation?

2. WWJD II: The Woodcarver (2012) – A troubled teen named Matthew reluctantly starts working with his grandfather on woodcarving projects as part of his community service punishment. Through this experience, he learns valuable lessons about responsibility and love.

3. The Perfect Gift (2015) – When two rival neighbors compete in decorating their houses for Christmas, they discover that material possessions aren’t what truly matters during the holiday season.

4. Faith’s Song (2017) – After her parents’ divorce, Faith turns to music as an outlet for her emotions. But when tragedy strikes her family again, she must learn to trust God’s plan even when it doesn’t make sense.

5.WWJD III: The Journey Continues (2020) – In this third installment in the franchise, we follow five individuals whose lives intersect as they each face personal challenges that test their faith.

These WWJD movies offer thought-provoking stories that challenge viewers to consider how they can apply Jesus’ teachings in their own lives. Each film presents relatable characters facing real-world problems while seeking guidance from their faith. Whether you’re looking for an uplifting message or simply enjoy well-crafted storytelling, these films are sure to leave you thinking about the question, “What would Jesus do?” in your own life.

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Interesting Facts About Each WWJD Movie

Characterized by a balance of heartwarming scenes and powerful moral lessons, the What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) movies incite both thought and emotion. The first movie in the series, simply entitled What Would Jesus Do?, was released in 2010. It tells a story about four individuals from a small town who face life-changing situations that test their faith and character. A homeless drifter known as ‘The Drifter’ is the catalyst for these changes becoming pivotal to each individual’s journey.

Followed by WWJD II: The Woodcarver (2012), this sequel introduces us to Matthew Stevenson, a troubled young man who vandalizes his community church out of rebellion. This act results in an unexpected friendship with Ernest Otto, an elderly woodcarver attending the church. They connect through:

  • The exquisite artistry of woodworking
  • The common bond of grief over personal loss
  • The shared pursuit of restoration – not just for physical assets like the damaged pulpit, but also spiritual healing.

Finally, we have WWJD: The Journey Continues (2015). Another soul-stirring narrative where John Schneider returns as ‘The Drifter’, spreading love and kindness while teaching valuable lessons about forgiveness along his path.

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Notable Characters in the WWJD Movie Franchise

There’s a sparkle of divine grace in every character that graces the screen in the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) movie franchise. These characters, born from ink and imagination, come to life on celluloid, leading us through powerful narratives about faith, love and resilience against all odds. Among them is John Brighton, played by John Schneider. A weary pastor struggling with his faith after losing his wife, John’s journey towards rediscovery adds a profound layer of complexity to the overall storyline. His transformation from despair to renewed hope illuminates the heart of this captivating film series.

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In contrast yet equally engaging is Rebecca St. Claire portrayed brilliantly by Megan Fellows; an affluent woman who learns the true essence of altruism as she navigates her life’s unexpected turns.

  • Rebecca’s change from being self-centered to becoming more compassionate undeniably tugs at our hearts.

The camaraderie between these polar opposite characters – John and Rebecca– fosters an atmosphere where they encourage each other throughout their spiritual growths; making for a truly compelling watch.

How Many WWJD Movies Are There? A Complete Guide To The Series

Impact and Influence of the WWJD Movie Series on Popular Culture

The WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) movie series has had a profound effect on popular culture, shaping not just Christian circles but also extending its influence to the broader society. Its thought-provoking theme encouraging viewers to consider actions and decisions from a moral perspective – “what would Jesus do?” resonates deeply with many people. The movies have spawned countless conversations about ethics, personal conduct, and morality in daily life. They’ve fostered an environment where it’s regarded as positive and even trendy to sport WWJD bracelets or apparel showcasing this potent question.

Moreover, the WWJD film series has significantly influenced entertainment by setting a precedent for other faith-based films. This wave of popularity led to the creation of numerous Christian-themed movies that echo similar messages about grace, forgiveness, redemption – thus playing a pivotal role in reshaping mainstream cinema’s landscape.

  • The Passion of The Christ,
  • I Can Only Imagine,
  • The Shack,

are just some examples from a growing list of films that carry forward the inspiring legacy left behind by WWJD. As such, it is clear that these four simple letters’ cultural impact extends far beyond their cinematic origins.