ABOUT US: History, Policy & Objectives

ABOUT: Manhattan Society.com is a 501 (c) (3) conduit organization, a volunteer effort serving to build a greater sense of community and charity in New York City. The Founder’s goal is philanthropic. Since we cannot write checks to as many worthwhile causes as we would like, through Manhattan Society.com we strive to affect the process and charitable fundraising in NYC in a significant and fundamental manner. Manhattan Society is secondarily an independent resource guide to the social, cultural and political under current or “urban mosaic” which is Manhattan. London Network connects you with those involved in social, cultural, charity, community and political events, fundraisers, benefits and activities of “significance” in New York City.

MISSIONCommunity BuildingSupport local arts & artists, especially those who have their First Amendment or other Constitutional Rights challengedSupport local charity: in particular those organizations serving timely and critical needs in the form of “transitional services” (food, shelter, employment services, emotional support and counseling) to those in transition and distress while helping power up the network and voices of those making a differencePromote Balanced Living  
WHO: See our Founders Page for individual profiles. Please note that decisions binding Manhattan Society.com may only be made by Board Members and not contributing editors.

Christopher London, Esq.: Founder, Editor-in-ChiefGregory Partanio, Photography EditorContributing EditorsKaren ZieffLarisa FuchsSteve Mack  HISTORYThe London Network journey officially began several years ago with the launch of the Manhattan Society Newsletter. Employing my personal Art of Networking, I launched the Manhattan Society Newsletter to keep friends and clients apprised of  the unique opportunities that existed to connect and expand their horizons, while providing some insight and instruction on how to otherwise achieve Balance in life, based on the principles of “Mens sana in corpore sano.”  Balance in life is achieved through investments in strategic career planning, socialization, activism, health & wellness and renewal of the human spirit. Living a balanced and enlightened life grows ever more difficult with the passage of time and the challenges we face as a people, as Americans and as New Yorkers.The events of 9/11, our loss of the Twin Towers, and those who perished that day, transformed my perspective of our city, our country, our government, the world and our role in it. It was a defining moment much like Pearl HarborWW II and “The Assassination” of JFK was for prior generations. My efforts via this web site are dedicated to community building and enlightenment so that we never forget what happened to our culture that morning in my home town. I hope to inspire a greater degree of intellectual curiosity so that the forces of mass media do not numb us from understanding or appreciating the world around us or turn us into a sound byte nation. Lurking in my subconscious is the speech given by President Dwight Eisenhower before he left office as well as JFK’s Inaugural Address. Challenges to our liberty, freedom and democracy come from within as well as outside our borders, from the right and the left, from foes as well as allies. The threat grows from ignorance and apathy. The First Amendment is one of the principle guardians of our culture and way of life.  We must seek truth, understanding and enlightenment to protect individual liberty and freedom. Americans will always have differing political view points. Truth, however,  is best reached in a  market place of unfettered free speech and not through stifling debate, and the free flowing exchange of information, ideas and opinion or otherwise placing restrictions on dissent. Recognize that there are some who believe in a more limited form of Democracy where only a handful of people determine what information is necessary for the people to know.  The social, cultural and political fabric of our society as well as the economy is also shaped in a profound manner by those who fly well below the radar screen of High Society. Their stories are unique and quintessentially New York . This site is about them, the protection of their liberties, our diverse way of life and continued freedom of expression.  
POLICYWe link, list and cover people, places and things of Social, Cultural and Charitable significance in New York City. If the event is of a fundraising nature it must “ideally be” for a “legitimate” 501 (c) (3) New York based entity raising funds for a NY based cause or involve concerned New Yorkers for a worthwhile global cause. In terms of linking your events, we prefer as much advance notice as possible, submission of an html page or pdf file for hosting on our site as well as all pertinent information, unless in certain circumstances you have an appropriate page on your web site. What we ASK but do NOT require is that you consider linking “Manhattan Society.com”  (http://www.manhattansociety.com) as a friend of your efforts. Since we are largely providing a free service, we hope to continue to grow our readership virally. PRESS ROLE Our role is to be proactive in supporting the fundraising goals of essential New York Arts & Charity and to otherwise help them each gain exposure and recognition. Manhattan Society.com is often viewed as the “Extra Benefit Committee Member” or a cross between the Journalistic Press and a Public Relations Firm, (in fact we work closely with many of the good guy PR Firms in the city.) We are supportive of those pursuing worthwhile objectives and ideals throughout the process, before, during and after their fundraising initiatives. We are often given access not only to provide appropriate journalistic coverage to our readership but also to be a friend of those New Yorkers who’s efforts make this city the best in the world and despite the relative cost of survival in this town, truly one of the most beautiful urban mosaic’s in the world PHOTO LICENSING Manhattan Society has several excellent photographers who are contributing editors. Their work is unique. Our photographers are available for hire, with special discounts to local New York based 501 (c) (3) organizations and may be licensed to appropriate third party media outlets with our specific approval as long as the photographer & Manhattan Society.com receive appropriate photo credit. EVENT COVERAGEFor a reasonable fee we can have one of our professional photographers shoot your event in an artistic and professional style, using state of the art equipment.  Since Manhattan Society.com does not accept a “booking fee” or override on the hired photographer’s fee, our fees are more reasonable than many  of the leading event photography services. Our photographer may also provide you with the original digital files so that you or your organization can maintain an online diary of your event, linked and displayed on your site and in some cases ours as well. Further our licensing policy is more liberal when a Manhattan Society.com photographer is hired by your organization. At a minimum your event will get a calendar listing on our events calendar and the images will be displayed on Manhattan Society, as well as potentially appear in the syndicated “Manhattan Society Report” written by Christopher London.Hire a Manhattan Society.com Photographer and you get:an excellent photographer for you special event at a more reasonable cost than many leading services without any booking fee or agency overridegreater control over licensing of photos to third party media so long as an “appropriate” photo credit is provideda calendar listing “pre-event” on the Manhattan Society.com events calendardisplay of photos within 24 hours on Manhattan Society.compotential mention of your event in the globally syndicated “Manhattan Society Report”a CD ROM of images for your web site, newsletter or promotional effortsWEB PRESENCE The web site’s prominence has largely grown through viral marketing at a grass roots level, word of mouth and via our strong presence on Google and other search engines.  The costs of maintaining the site, paying photographers (even at the discounted rate that we get our photographers for) etc. is not insignificant. It is, however, our investment in building community and supporting our friends in New York City who are involved in making a difference. Manhattan Society.com has a unique cross section of professionals, entrepreneurs, socialites and affluent members of New York City, as well as now 50 foreign countries who regularly visit the site. The site, however, is very much a work in progress. The Founder & Editor has been the webmaster to date.  Lifestyle partners who wish to become part of the London Network should contact us, as long as it does not detract from our mission.